Analysis Of Cafod (A Charity Organization)

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Analysis of CAFOD (A Charity Organization)

The charity I am going to analyse and explain is CAFOD. CAFOD was
formed in 1961when the National Board of Catholic Women decided to
carry out a family fast day, because the people of the Caribbean
Island of Dominica had requested help for a mother and baby health
care programme. A year after the family fast day the Catholic bishops
of England and Wales decided to set up the “Catholic Fund for Overseas
Development” or “CAFOD”. The main aim of this charity was to bring
together the vast number of smaller charities and to educate Roman
Catholics in England and Wales about the need for world development
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This means sending food, antibiotics, blankets, and shelters. This
fund has been helpful for the flood victims in Bangladesh in 1995, the
drought-stricken Zimbabwe, and to the war refugees in Bosnia and
Rwanda. Also CAFOD raised £4.75 for the Africans who suffered a
famine. A more recent example of CAFOD’s help is of the Tsunami tidal
wave disaster in Asia, CAFOD gave £24 million which went towards
rebuilding houses, schools, and health clinics.

CAFOD also helps over long periods of time, this is known as long-term
aid. This is usually funded through the smaller groups such as
Caritas, and the international Catholic organisation. Many groups
think of ideas for long-term aid which they ask CAFOD to finance.
Since 1985 CAFOD have been monitoring Hola in south eastern Kenya,
this place is very dry and poor, 12000 of its inhabitants are
subsistence farmers meaning they have no access to state care. Since
1985 CAFOD have opened three clinics and 40 health workers (voluntary)
have been selected by the community and trained by CAFOD to give basic
medical care and advice on hygiene, nutrition and child care. In
Brazil around six million homeless children live on the streets. CAFOD
is helping the parish of Piexinhos in Olinda which runs a scheme for
children named “The Community Taking Responsibility for its Children”.
In this scheme they teach children how to earn a living with basic
skills and also give the children literacy classes. In Bangladesh
floods often wipe out entire fields of...

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