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The feasibiity study is entitled  Establishment of SHASHEROU Manufacturing Enterprise – Manufacturer of Veggielicious Siomai. The business is established to produce and distribute Papevi Veggielicious Siomai in the market. It discussed how the proponents came up with the idea of manufacturing siomai made out of vegetables. Included in this portion is how the firm’s name is derived as well as its location. The business is located in P. Dandan St. Cor. P. Panganiban St., Batangas City because of its accessibility to the target market and to supplier. It also presents a brief description of the project and its overall summary which includes the market, technical, ...view middle of the document...

The product is new in the market and carries the characteristics of being cheaper in price and has more nutritional value. This can be serve as viand or snack.
The proponents decided to use direct channel of distribution. Veggielicious Siomai is offered at a competitive price of Php5.00 each weighing 25grams. Its color is off-white when it is not yet cooked and light brown when it is already cooked. Its smell gives you allusion that the product tastes good.
Project Summary
The objective of the study is to identify the feasibility and success of the business. It discussed the five (5) major aspects such as market, technical, management, financial and socio-economic that proved that the product is feasible.
Market Feasibility
Market feasibility is about the viability of the product, customer’s satisfaction requirement and the promotional tools needed. The proponents use descriptive research design in analyzing and gathering data with the use of Slovin’s formula. The target market is the 41 Barangays in Batangas City. There are 399 questionnaires distributed to the individuals in terms of their age segmentation. To determine more the feasibility of the product, they also conducted a survey from 30 retailers. Through the surveys and interviews, the proponents gathered relevant data needed in the study. The demand for siomai will increase from 2015 – 2019 same with the supply. The projected supply for the first year is 1,103,266 and increases in the following years. On the other hand, market share also increases from 1.84 to 2.01.
Veggielicious siomai which belongs to the food/snack category weighs 25 grams each. It will be sold for P5.00 each. The proponents will be using direct channel of distribution. Tarpaulin and free taste will be used as promotional strategy for the product. From the information gathered, the proponents believe that Veggielicious Siomai has the opportunity to penetrate the market.
Technical Feasibility
Veggielicious siomai will undergo into several process. Two workers will be hired to do the manufacturing process. The business location is at P. Dandan St. P. Panganiban, Batangas City which measures 91 square meters. This is chosen because the location is accessible from different transaction that the business will do. The proponents decided to rent a building for the firm producing 450 pieces a day of veggielicious siomai accumulating an annual production of 129,600 pieces.
Tools and Equipment were very important in every business that’s why purchasing the following was given consideration. Availability of the product is important as well as the production that will satisfy the demand, 450 pieces will be produced per day. For the first year of operation, two workers will be employed for the...

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