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Analysis Of Christopher

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When Christopher justifies his reasoning as to why he would be a successful astronaut, it is clear that he tends to make decisions with his brain, not his heart. In this quote, his inclination to thinking logically rather than emotionally becomes evident, which can be supported with scenes later in the book.
In a literal sense, this quote shows that Christopher is considering his future careers and would like to be an astronaut. Though eventually realizes that he cannot actually become an astronaut because of his mental condition, he takes a moment to consider what it would be like and why he would be successful as an astronaut despite his autism. Although he is imagining something that ...view middle of the document...

Astronauts spend a lot of time in outer space, usually many months. Christopher recognizes this and takes it into consideration, yet he still is compelled to be an astronaut. He explains that he wouldn’t get homesick, because he’d have a computer and many machines. In this situation, other kids might say that they’d bring a friend, sibling or family member to keep them company. Christopher doesn’t even acknowledge this possibility, implying yet again that he prefers to be alone rather than with other people. Christopher is also addressing the possibility of becoming an astronaut in a logical manner, which is unsurprising considering his drastic proclivity to logic rather than intuition. From the very beginning and again at the end of chapter 83, the chapter in which this quote is included, he makes it clear that the prospect of becoming an astronaut is simply a fantasy. He knows that his mental condition prevents him from legitimately having a career as an astronaut, and takes a rare moment to imagine what it would be like. Also, instead of thinking about trivial aspects of exploring space much like other kids his age would do such as discovering aliens or traveling to an unrealistic location such as the Milky Way, Christopher focuses on the more practical facets of space exploration such as communicating with scientists on Earth and equipment used to make the trip. This shows just how different he is from the other kids his age. He contrasts strongly yet again with his peers when he makes it evident how he relies on concrete objects versus emotions. Computers and machines are reliable, which he likes. They are tangible and reliable. He knows he won’t miss anyone from home because he will have computers and machines with him, and he prefers to be around substantial things that are set in stone as opposed to unpredictable things such as people. People are filled with emotions and spontaneity, and are ever changing. If Christopher were to travel into space with another person, they could get in an argument, disagree or be hard to get along with. Christopher drastically prefers reality to fantasy, because he relies on facts that are set in stone rather than things that are inferred and can’t be supported with evidence because it provides the stability that he needs in his life. Christopher doesn’t react well to change and needs things that he can rely on. Traveling to outer space with another...

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