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Analysis Of Contemporary Health Care Issue

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Analysis of Contemporary Health Care Issue
Katy Sforza
Grand Canyon University: HCA - 530

Analysis of Contemporary Health Care Issue
National health care expenses in the United States have been on the rise more rapidly than the national financial system for countless years, however several United States citizens are still lacking adequate health care. Sadly, health care spending is only going to rise and many people in the United States may have to make complicated decisions involving health care and additional responsibilities in their everyday lives if we do not start to reform. By reforming, it is hoped that America will see an increase to high-quality, affordable health ...view middle of the document...

Come 2014, insurers will not be able to profit by denying coverage to individuals anymore, so they will be more inclined to keep people healthy. (Kennedy, K, 2012). As health care reform continues to create changes to our current system, everyone could benefit from maintaining national health care spending.
Financial Management Staff
The Financial management staff has a primary role to plan for, acquire and make use of funds to take full advantage of the effectiveness and assessment of its project. Their evaluation and planning of the financial efficiency of the current operation and planning for the future of the operation is the first step. Then they need to focus on decisions of long-term investments such as new facilities and equipment, and how they are going to raise money to buy the resources required to maintain their operation. They also have primary responsibility of contract management. "Health services organizations must negotiate, sign, and monitor contracts with managed care organizations and third-party payers." (Halvorson, G.C. 2005). With national health spending being so high, it is the hope that the reform will help the financial staff maintain or lower their costs by creating basic standards and regulations.
Rules and Regulations
The financial management staff needs to address many rules and regulations when it comes to national health care spending. They need to take aim at better care, and having more healthy people and communities, but still making sure that the care people receive is affordable and they are lowering or at least maintaining health care spending. "Making quality care more affordable for individuals, families, employers and governments by developing...

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