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Analysis Of Francis Bacon's "George Dyer In A Mirror"

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Analysis of Francis Bacons" Portrait of George Dyer in a Mirror,"1967-1968Much of Bacon's work is perceived as shocking, but there is a powerful subversive element in his compositions with much of his chosen subject matter being somewhat autobiographical.These often dealt with his own homosexuality, and his intimate and often anguished relationships. While in later life Bacon generally claimed that his sexuality was public knowledge, and that it was no secret, the press had severe problems ...view middle of the document...

To understand it, you have to see how it mirrors my life."He did once however refer to Dyer as being: "...the great love of my life."and therefore it is not surprising that there are a number of portraits of him.The Portrait of George Dyer in a Mirror, shows Dyer sitting in what looks like a swivel office chair, his disembodied face, split down the center, reflected in a lectern-like stand. He sits in a simplistic room, under a spotlight, suggestive of other Bacon paintings. On the painting are two splurges of white paint splashed across the surface, defacing the image. Whether hinting at the sexual dimension of their relationship, or of the need to assert a particular personal expression of possession, even in an image, it was Bacons way of going public on a profound and deeply important aspect of his emotional life.This painting of Dyer presented his lover as twisted, distorted and virtually disembodied. There is a suggestion of a dream-like state in which the reality of the flesh and the odder corners of the imagination seem to have full sway.This painting gives us a strong insight into the turbulent emotional life of Bacon.

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