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Analysis Of G. Gordon Byron`s Poem

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The Spell is Broke,The Charm is Flown!The spell is broke, the charm is flown!Thus is it with Life's fitful fever:We madly smile when we should groan,Delirium is our best deceiver.Each lucid interval of thoughtRecalls the woes of Nature's character;And He acts as wise men ought,But lives - as saints have died -A martyr./George Gordon Byron/Great romantic poet George Gorgon Byron has written this poem "the Spell is Broke, the Charm is Flown" at the age of 22. Then he was visiting Athens. And this poem is written on January 16, 1810.This short Byron's poem is very impressive; it is full of different ...view middle of the document...

This is poem about man who longs for understanding, harmony and, of course, happiness. However, the way in order to reach all that is quite difficult, and man tries to avoid pains and difficulties. Man lives in another world, unreal world, he deceives himself saying that everything is as if should be. But, in fact, this man hides his real feelings, nevertheless, he realizes that no one is interested in them, thus he adapts to living in "delirium" and suffers further.I suppose that this poem is Byron's calling for help. He wants to be understood; he realizes that the reality and one's dreams differ a lot. To emphasize these contrasts - what one's feel and what one's shows to others - Byron contrasts things.e.g. smile - groanDelerium - lucid interval of thoughtSpell, charm - feverThe certain words prove that the presence of sorrows and suffering in this poem is felt.e.g. Groan, deceiver, woes of Nature's character, martyr, fitful fever.With the help of these words Byron creates atmosphere that is tragic and touching at the same time. It is a very emotional poem. It will not leave anyone cold, because to a certain extent it is about each of us, about this world and our lives.This poem is also easy to read, it is very rhythmical, because of used rhymes. The first line rhymes with the third one, the second line - with the fourth one. The rhymes make this poem more charming.

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