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Analysis Of Macbeth

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Analysis of Macbeth

Three witches are patiently waiting on a heath. It is stormy; there is
thunder, lightning, rain and howling winds. The witches discuss their
business with each other. A sailor’s wife insulted one of them, so
the witch decides to punish the sailor. The other two witches offer
her strong winds to blow to stop the sailor’s ship from getting into a
port. Before they had started to talk about the sailor, the witches
had agreed to meet up with Macbeth,(the Thane of Glamis and friend of
the King.) after he had finished fighting a battle against the
Norwegian ranks. Just before Macbeth comes upon the witches they cast
a spell: ‘The ...view middle of the document...

Banquo wonders where the witches went and how but then wonders whether
the witches were real or not. Macbeth wishes that they had stayed.
Two messengers called Ross and Angus catch up with Macbeth and inform
Macbeth of King Duncan’s thoughts of Macbeth’s bravery and success in
battle and that the King has decided to give the Thane of Cawdor title
to Macbeth as a reward. Angus also tells them that King Duncan wishes
to see them. Banquo realises that the first prediction has come true
whilst Macbeth asks Angus how he can be given the title Thane of
Cawdor when the previous Thane still lives. Angus explains that the
old Thane of Cawdor haqs been sentenced to death because of treason.

Macbeth thinks about the predictions, he thinks they can’t be good but
they can’t be bad. He ponders on the fact that if the predictions are
bad why has part of it come true in goodness not in evil happenings,
or if the predictions are good why does he keep on thinking about
killing King Duncan. The last thought terrified Macbeth, murdering
the King? He couldn’t.

On his travels Macbeth writes a letter to Lady Macbeth telling her of
the witches and their great predictions, he also says about the
arrival of Ross and Angus who told him the news of him becoming the
new Thane of Cawdor.

After reading her husbands letter Lady Macbeth knows that he would be
too loyal and decent to kill King Duncan. Her ambition to be Queen
makes Lady Macbeth vow to manipulate and taunt Macbeth into murdering
the King. A messenger comes to Lady Macbeth and tells her that the
King is to stay at the Macbeth residence for the night.

After the messenger leaves Lady Macbeth calls upon evil spirits to
make her stronger and she also asks the dark of the night to hide the
murder that she is planning.

A while later after Lady Macbeth’s summoning, Macbeth arrives. They
discuss the murder and Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth to pretend to be
normal and loyal on the outside even if he isn’t on the inside.

Duncan and all the Thanes arrive at Macbeth’s castle. They are given a
warm, friendly welcome from both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. At the
banquet held that night Macbeth leaves and thinks hard about King
Duncan and consequences. Lady Macbeth changes his mind back to the
original decision and tells Macbeth that they will put the blame on
the guards.

Banquo and Macbeth talk about the witches and their predictions but
Macbeth says they will discuss it later. Once Banquo has left, Macbeth
goes and kills King Duncan. Macbeth returns from King Duncan’s room
petrified and daggers still in hand. He told Lady Macbeth in a panic
that he had done it, Lady Macbeth was delighted until she saw the
daggers still in her husbands hands. Lady Macbeth told Macbeth to take
the daggers back and plant the daggers on King Duncan’s...

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