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Robert Frost is known as one of America’s great poets, with this known he still has a dark side and somewhat terrifying side to his poems as well. Erin Brescia states “One of the reasons Robert’s Frost poetry is enjoyed is his ability to capture the reality of everyday living in a language that is accessible to the average reader” and that his poems are just everyday people doing everyday things, such as jobs, chores and work. I have read many of Frosts poems and agree this is true, but with this fact some of his poems pertaining to jobs have a very dark outcome. Erin cites the poem “Putting in the seed” explaining how the narrator loves planting apple seeds and knows someone will soon ...view middle of the document...

Another poem of what seems to be a simple man on a trip to conduct some business. Erin goes on about Frosts poems saying “Work is a complicated theme throughout Frost’s poetry, and his attitude toward it may never be fully understood. His poems, though, speak of the realities of work: that sometimes it can be enjoyed, sometimes it is meant to be tolerated, that the physical proof of the accomplished task is something of which to be proud, and finally, if one is not careful, work can lead to an early grave. This statement is true of one of Frost’s darker poems “Out, Out-“. This poem describes a young boy working in the backyard cutting wood for the stove; his sister calls him for dinner, in his excitement he doesn’t pay attention to what he is doing and almost cuts his hand off with the saw. Knowing how bad the cut is he asks his sister to make sure the doctor doesn’t amputate hand. When the doctor arrives, it too late and the hand is lost, it has to be amputated. The doctor administers an anesthetic and unfortunately the boy never wakes up. This is a terrible ending for the boy, even more terrible is end of the poem which reads “And they, since they were not the one dead, turned to their affairs”. This last sentence just shows how the family seemed...

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