Analysis Of: Roberto Rossellini’s Open City

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Analysis of: Roberto Rossellini’s Open City
Roberto Rossellini’s Open City, a very powerful film about the Italian Resistance movement against the Nazis during their occupation, was created in the war torn streets of Rome in 1945. Rossellini had little to work with, but with what he had, he created a masterpiece. He used a unique style, in the direction of a documentary, which told a story that is still relevant, even to its viewers today.
The film takes place in Rome and begins with Nazi officers, under the control of Bergmann, attempting to arrest a man deeply involved in the Resistance, Giorgio Manfredi. Manfredi manages to evade the officers and goes to the apartment of ...view middle of the document...

Neorealist films can be described by their cast of amateur actors, natural lighting, filming in the street rather than in a studio, and attention to human struggle. These technical flaws undoubtedly contributed to the real-life look of the film. To achieve its documentary appearance, the film stock was recovered from used reels. This helps the viewers to look at the film not as a fictional story, but more as the real-life struggle that occurred. By using unknown, non-professional actors, the characters have a more real feeling to them and it is easier to picture them in their role. The lighting of the film, which is very conflicting in regards to extreme bright times and times of complete darkness, seems to reflect the lighting at the time the film was set, a time which incurred frequent blackouts. Also, the camera work and the editing done on the film was very indicative of documentary style and greatly contributed to its realistic nature. Though all of these aspects seem to be quite deliberate as they perfectly reflect the time and setting of the film, they were in fact the only options that Rossellini found himself faced with. After the war...

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