Analysis Of Team Experience

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Analysis of Team Experience

We are the Asian Super Team. Our name is derived from the fact that all of us come from Asia, in particular East Asia. From the beginning, I was pretty apprehensive about the team experience. My expectations were bordering on guarded caution to indifference. The reason being that out of the four syndicates I had in the first semester, only one turned out to be really fruitful and enjoyable while the other three were terrible nightmares The first synergistic syndicate experience was actually the Organisations syndicate with members from diverse backgrounds. The ...view middle of the document...

I must confess my own contribution to this “mess” by my indifference and low expectations from the team.

The mid-way team review did jump-start the team and we agreed to come together to diagnose the problem and realign ourselves through an informal dinner. After the mid-way team review, the team experience improved considerably, as I observed team members being actively listened to and their voiced opinions given thought and time. We also met on a regular basis in accordance to our initial team charter. A greater commitment and concern about the outcome of the learning team experience resulted in the following aspects of team learning:

Throughout our meetings, there were much discussion about the progress of each other’s PDAP and how we may help. In fact, my learning team completed a lengthy leadership questionnaire for my PDAP and I discussed at length with one member of my learning team about the development capability and another about the leadership capability.

The synergistic outcome is especially evident in the way we prepared for the two learning team presentations. It was in this period of assignment deadlines and time pressures that we were able to produce a good quality and quantity of work within a short amount of time for our presentations to the DMC class.

The presentation skill sessions given by learning team members were informative and valuable as not only did the learning team members make an effort to prepare and do their best for various individual presentations, we were able to learn from each other’s feedback. For instance, being the last to present, I learnt about the importance of setting up the structure of the presentation in the introduction and clearly reaching a conclusion at the end before I presented from the feedback from two earlier presentations. Incorporating these impromptu changes not only increased the awareness of proper presentation introductions and conclusions but also the opportunity to put it into practice.

By sharing and summarising the main learning ideas and reflections from each of our PDAPs, I was able to learn more about other managerial areas of capabilities besides my own. For instance I learnt the current research and thought behind goal setting from Jeffrey, the 3 steps to assertiveness from Kane, the development capability from Dennis and 3 step solution to most stress problems from Naofumi.

However, to our dismay, it wasn’t until till nearly the end of the course that when we shared our Belbin’s preferred team roles that we discovered in ourselves a team of diverse team roles (The team roles are attached in the appendix C). Given that by understanding each other’s preferred team roles, we will be able to anticipate and empathise with each other’s interaction style during group discussion. This would have led to a better outcome given if there is more mutual respect.

Our learning team has not only arranged to meet on the week before the exam to discuss the articles and...

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