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Analysis Of The Hiring Process In Business Administration

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As a group, we decided to base our research on comparing the recruitment experiences of two recent recruits within the “Big 4” accounting firms. The group agreed on this method so we could analyze the differences between the two processes and also the similarities as the companies work within the same industry sector. Also, to gain a more extensive view we chose to select two different types of recruit. One member of the team interviewed a Postgraduate employee and another asked questions of a direct entry employee. We chose these interviewees as it is a relevant area for our team and it was insightful to see the recruitment process they went through considering we may engage ...view middle of the document...

Remaining objective during the assessment not only ensures that the ideal candidate is selected; it also prevents the rejection of candidate that would be an asset to the company.
Beginning with most basic construct, the unstructured interview consists of a casual conversation between the interviewer and potential employee. The atmosphere is designed to be relaxed and natural, which helps establish a more personal relationship. Questions for this method are not preselected, which allows for the conversation to flow naturally. While it has been shown that there is a level of validity in this method, it is often criticized for failing to produce the information necessary to select the ideal candidate. Carroll et al (1999). Primarily, this method is difficult to replicate and is more prone to interviewer bias. For these reasons, it may not be the most accurate way to assess potential employees.
The structured interview employs the direct opposite techniques that appear in the unstructured interview. This method included a standard set of preselected questions that can produce specific, quantifiable data. Edenborough (2005). While this method does not suffer from the same biases as the unstructured method, it is not flawless in its application. The strict nature of the questions can produce a limited range of response and prevents the interviewees from expressing themselves. Bias also may come from the type of questions selected. If the assessor chooses misleading or unclear questions, the results may not lead to the most favorable employee selection.
Aside from the aforementioned interview designs, there are methods that aim to eliminate bias through specialized question schemes designed to draw out underlying personality traits and motivations. The clinical interview method, developed by Jean Piaget, consists of some preselected questions and some spontaneous questions. Willis (1999). The key to this method is that the next question is selected based on the interviewee’s previous answer. This helps to minimize the bias that appears in the structured and unstructured methods when they are employed separately. The semi-structured interview is the same as the clinical method in regards to the question scheme, but does not base the next question on a previously given answer. Both of these methods offer a certain level of qualitative and quantitative information about a candidate, thus increasing the face validity of the process. Huffcutt (2005). The opportunity for bias is still present, but the complex design helps minimize the overall risk.
While interviews may be used in order to personalize the candidate, many recruiters and human resource employees may opt to use aptitude and occupational tests in order to gain a better understanding of the future performance of the candidate and the “best fit” for the job. Barrett (2003). The term psychometrics is defined as “the use of ability and aptitude tests and personality and...

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