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Analysis Of The Snap Program

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SNAP is the foundation of nutrition assistance programs. This program provides over 47 million individuals in nearly 23 million low-income households. The eligibility is not restricted to certain groups of individuals, and because of this, SNAP serves a vast amount of families with children, elderly people, and individuals with disabilities. Others eligible for SNAP include families with adults who work in low-wage jobs, unemployed workers, and those with a fixed income. The SNAP Program assists about 72 percent of people who live in households with children. Nearly 25 percent of households with seniors and individuals with disabilities are also assisted. CITE
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The participation rate among low-income working families increased from 43 percent in 2002 to 65 percent in 2010. SNAP payment efficiency is at an all-time high. Of all public benefit programs, SNAP has one of the most accurate quality control systems. Although there has been a growth in caseloads, the share of SNAP payments has reached a record low in fiscal year 2011. CITE
The SNAP Program improves social well-being because of the many benefits it has to offer. Although SNAP benefits millions of families and individuals, the real benefits are the contributions SNAP makes to society as a whole. SNAP plays a vital role in hunger and poverty prevention and helps the neediest of Americans. Nearly 90 percent of SNAP households live below the poverty line, and about 40 percent have incomes less than half of the poverty line. The poverty line is approximately $9,155 for a family of three. SNAP also took 2.4 million children out of poverty in 2005. CITE
While providing benefits for families and individuals, SNAP also provides economic benefits. The USDA’s Economic Research Service has stated that every $1 billion of retail generated by SNAP creates $340 million in farm production, $110...

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