Analysis Of The Story “The Gold Bug”

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2.General character of style:
The work is written in subjective style with elements of colloquial speech.

3.The functional style:
The functional style of the story can be described as fiction with elements of suspense and stream of consciousness

4.The genre:
The genre, the author wrote in, is a short story. Subgenre: mystery with elements of detective short

5.The form of the story:
The form of the story is represented by the narration with a lot of dialogs and descriptions.

6.The type of narration:
The story is the 1st person narration with an external narrator
The narrator is subjective.

7.The setting of the story:
What concerns about the setting of the ...view middle of the document...

Then the author passes onto the succession of events - the rising actions begin.
Legrand and Jupiter found the gold bug. When Legrand wanted to pick up the beetle it bit him. In order not to be bitten Jupiter took a piece of parchment and wrapped the bug. They came back to the hut. On the way home the met Lieutenant G. who took the beetle for one day. While Legrand and Jupiter were away, the friend of Legrand entered the hut and waited for them. When Legrand and Jupiter came Legrand told his friend about the bug and draw it. But his friend saw a skull instead of the beetle. After finding the bug Legrand starts behave in a strange way. He walked till late and made Jupiter feels nervous. After a month Legrand sent Jupiter to his friend to invite him. When Legrand’s friend came, Legrand told him about the treasure. All three of them at the instance of Legrand start the seeking for the treasure. Firstly they have a failure, because of Jupiter’s confusion. But then Legrand understood the mistake and they succeed. Here, the story reaches its culminating point – the climax. After the climax, the development of the plot is rather long. Falling actions are followed by the flashback where Legrand explains his friend why he start the seeking and how he decode the parchment. We can find the resolution in the end of the story when all explanations were finished. In the conclusion, Legrand and his friend discuss the possible origin of skeletons which they find under earth.

9. Characterization

On the one hand, Edgar Poe describes the characters directly, and, on the other hand, he gives us clues about what the characters are thinking, describing them indirectly.

The minor characters:
Lieutenant: Army officer at Fort Moultrie whom Legrand allows to keep the beetle overnight.
Old Negro Woman: Woman who helps Legrand locate a site mentioned in the secret code that points the way to the buried treasure.

The main characters:
William Legrand, unnamed narrator, Jupiter

1) William Legrand

indirect method

There are no descriptions of his physical appearance but we can guess that he wears some casual clothes because he lives alone in unpopulated place.

Despite the fact that there is no physical description we can find indirect description where the author hints at some features of Legrands character:

William Legrand is presented by the author as a clever and bright person. He decodes the pirate’s signs, his knowledge in history, biology and linguistics is shown in the work. So, we can also consider him to be well-educated, smart men.

Moreover according to the text, we can guess that William Legrand is a little bit unbalanced(неуравновешенный) His friend in the beginning of the text tells us about Lerand’s strange behavior. “I found him well educated, with unusual powers of mind, but infected with misanthropy, and subject to perverse moods of alternate enthusiasm and melancholy.”

We can also call him...

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