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Analysis Of Themes In Alan Paton's Cry, The Beloved Country

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The family in Cry, the Beloved Country involves themes emphasizing the home and family. From the James Earl Jones seeking for his son to the other priest searching and wanting a place of her own, this movie shows how one reacts to the attraction of home and family. The home symbolizes a place of refuge and belonging which are exhibited throughout the movie as James Earl Jones searches for his lost son. It gives the movie viewer the sense of refuge and belonging to be with their family.It introduces Jones as the protagonist and sets up the framework for the conflicts he soon encounters. Johannesburg acts as both the setting and the antagonist, ...view middle of the document...

Jones is trying to show Jarvis that both are grieving over their sons and are in similar circumstances. This confrontation signifies the parallel between the two men's lives. They attempt to come to a resolution in hopes of reconciling their differences. Factors, such as the prevalence of racism and the irony that his murdered son was a defender of the social injustices of natives, support Jarvis' hatred for James Earl Jones. Jarvis acknowledges the good intentions of Jones as a pastor. Jarvis' generosity in rebuilding the church, cultivating the land, and improving the lifestyle of Kumalo's village signifies his carrying on of his son's legacy to help the struggling natives. Cry, the Beloved Country serve to tie together the lives of Kumalo and Jarvis, who are plagued by grief for their lost sons. The movie also demonstrates the dependency that both men feel for one another. . Kumalo's goodness as a servant of God, his family, and his people gives Jarvis inspiration to continue his son's legacy. Jarvis' aid to Kumalo's village restores the natives' hope in the whites that run their country. The division of Cry, the Beloved Country into different parts of the movie creates three stages representing grief, confrontation, and hope. Grief as the two find the news of their sons, confrontation of what they both hope to accomplish, and hope, in hopes of combating the injustices that they see around them in their country and village.

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