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Analysis Of Three Cbi/Nus Employability Attributes, Why They’re Relevant To The Tourism Sector, Opportunities For Developing Them At University And How They Will Maximise Potential For Future Employment

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Employability is best understood as ““having a set of skills, knowledge, understanding and personal attributes that make a person more likely to choose and secure occupations in which they can be satisfied and successful”. (Sewell, 2007, pp. 277-289) There are many attributes which underpin employability as a whole, however three key attributes are team working, business and customer awareness and communication, which are all just as important as one another and are being analysed in this essay. Employability skills are important because they could be make or break when it comes to a job, and employers look for these skills during selection processes for employment. They also help somebody ...view middle of the document...

” (Trained for Tourism, 2014). Whilst in higher education and for the future, team working is also essential, and can be developed during university life especially during seminars whereby students are integrated with other students from different backgrounds and expected to produce group assignments, participate, and co-operate. Also, university is a perfect team working builder before employment as much of the same qualities are needed during university and during work, bonding with others, accepting their differences and becoming a team player as well as a leader to flourish at university and impress a future employer. (CBI, 2011)
The second attribute up for analysis is business and customer awareness which is defined as an ability to understand effectively “what makes markets, and customers tick; the art is turning the theory into practice”. (Simply Business Skills, 2014). It also refers to understanding key drivers for business success and the importance of customer satisfaction and creating customer loyalty. (CBI, 2011). This attribute is particularly applied to the tourism sector “to meet the demands of the tourism employment market both on a personal and career level, people need to acquire competencies that enable them to cope with the changing circumstances of the business world” (Mossenlechner, 2009). Thus suggesting that business and customer awareness is a skill up for adaptation as well as improvement, Mossenlechner talks in the journal of the business world constantly changing, and the skills of tourism workers needing to be flexible enough to keep up with the business environment. Tourism also revolves around customer contact, ensuring their travel/accommodation/attraction visits are of high customer satisfaction, it is also important that an employee is aware of the customer needs and professionalism. (Travel Industry Careers, 2008). Also, “It is important to understand that people from different cultures, place different importance on things like punctuality, food preference, tour types and destination”. (Travel Industry Careers, 2008) In terms of business and customer awareness during higher education and future employment, most higher education courses come with the opportunity of a work placement within the relevant sector, which is very productive in developing business and customer awareness skills/experience ready for future employment. University can help with getting into a work placement or a part time job through their careers services. (CBI, 2011)
The final employability attribute up for analysis is Communication skills. Communication skills within business refers to “the ability to convey information to another effectively and efficiently” especially for managers of a business who regularly communicate information amongst employee’s and external business relationships such as customers. (Business Dictionary , 2014). Communication is therefore more than just expressing information and constitutes ability to listen...

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