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Analysis Of Two Advertising Strategies

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Analysis of Two Advertising Strategies The Peugeot and the Ford Fiesta are advertised in very different ways
despite being similar products. Analyse the ways each product is
advertised and say what the differences between the two say about
their brand identity.

Advertising is a multi-million pounds business in Britain. Advertising
expensive products is something that producers ...view middle of the document...

reflects on to the point that there's always more than what meets the
eye. There are subtitles at the bottom, which says, 'A driver is not
just a driver', which means that there's more to the driver than what
meets the eye. There is a freeze frame in this scene and it's of the
doctor's face to focus on the point that there is a multi-ethnical
background. At the end, the doctor says 'moyen bien', which means very
good in Spanish, which reflects on to the fact that Peugeot is a very
good car.

The third scene is a close up of a man's face and then the camera pans
out to reveal that the man is really a prisoner in jail. He is
painting a picture of mountains, which links to the opening scene. The
subtitle at the bottom of the screen says, 'A prisoner is not just a
criminal', which, again, means that there is more than what we see.
The fourth scene first starts off in a distant shot of a couple that
are kissing, and then it zooms to a close up of the kiss. The camera
pans around to the back seat and a small child is sitting there, which
shows a close up of the car. This shows that the car is a family car,
which means that the car is big enough for the family. As we see the
couple there is a sudden magnetism. The couple is used to reflect the
fact that love lasts and so does the car. The subtitle at the bottom
of the screen says, 'A husband is not just a father', which means that
a man is not just any ordinary man and that there's more to him that
what we see, which reflects back to the car which means, that the
Peugeot is not just any car, there's something special about it. The
lyrics link to this scene as it says 'something inside so strong'
which means that the couple have a strong relationship and the lyrics
mean the engine of the Peugeot too.

There is a sound bridge connecting the fourth and fifth scene, which
is of a teacher speaking. There is diegetic and non-diegetic sound all
through that seen. There is a close up view of her face. Camera pans
around the class focusing on faces that are all multi-ethnical. The
teacher is spiritual and dedicated which fits in with Peugeot to show
that the creators of the car are dedicated to their work and to
provide the world what they want. The subtitle at the bottom reads, 'A
job is not just a living', meaning that people don't just go to work
for money, but to influence others, which is similar to the people who
work to produce adverts. There are strong, emotional hooks throughout
the scenes. The sixth scene is the showing the baby that the woman was
giving birth to in the second scene. There is a freeze frame on the
baby's face, to emphasise the fact that a baby is new and unique, just
like the Peugeot. There is diegetic and non-diegetic sound in this
scene. A newborn baby can be very emotional, and the advert is
emotional in...

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