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Analysis Paper

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A Character Analysis to “In Her Country” by Noelle Q. De Jesus

Facing reality’s responsibilities and problems is always a difficult task. In dealing with this hard reality, people tend to forget about it and look for a way out in the hopes for a more satisfactory way of living, thinking that this would easily solve their problems. In the story “In Her Country” by Noelle Q. De Jesus, we see how Choot is a rash person who hides her true identity to give way for a more appealing one, Kristina, for the sake of the pleasure of being wanted again and the feeling of being young, which are things she doesn’t get to experience anymore in her own reality. While she ...view middle of the document...

And she took Philip as the perfect opportunity to create herself another way, taking a break from the way of life she has been living.
Choot thinks her whole life has been kind of a dull with the ‘humdrum stories of her childhood, growing up in a crowded semi commercial district of Manila’ (4). Knowing that her experiences wouldn’t catch the interest of Philip, she creates a more exciting background and makes up stories about her way of life and experiences back in the Philippines, avoiding telling him the truth of how it wasn’t all that fascinating. Instead, she tells him stories, which she had never experienced, about the picnics in the countryside her mother told her. She tells him of a green and warm city she grew up in and avoids telling him the dirty and gritty side of what her home actually is. When asked how the beaches were like, she uses the stories about the clear and beautiful beaches that her friends have told her of, and not the dirty, murky and brown beach in Cavite- the only one she’s actually been to. She also lies about her experience during martial law, making her appear brave when she wasn’t actually there. And Philip, who never knew Choot before, gets attracted to Kristina’s false identity.

In the story, it was revealed that Choot’s train ride was a ‘holiday’ (2). But it isn’t literally a holiday but a holiday in a sense that it was a pleasurable experience, one that she hadn’t got a taste of for a very long time. “And it is exciting to know that as they talk, towns and cities rush past them in a midnight blur. They are far away form everything. She does not think about her lies. And her deliberately girlish manner of speech” (28). Choot enjoyed and savored all the moments in the train ride because all her problems seemed so distant and negligible. For the first time in forever, she didn’t have to worry. For many years she has been constantly giving all her attention to other people. The fact that she sacrificed being with her husband and children to work abroad to support her family and for them to have a better life represents this selfless giving of attention. Even her job in New York requires her to give all her attention to other people as a caretaker. However, for a long time also, no one gave her as much attention as she had been giving to other people. Not even a little bit. So, when a young man, Philip, paid even the slightest attention to her by being her company in the train ride and by listening to her, ‘as though every word that drops form her lips is candy-coated delicious’ (15), she savored the experience being with Philip as best as she could and indulged herself in the attention that was being given to her. “She savors the minutes like sweets in her mouth. It has been so long, so long since someone has paid her this much attention. Choot feels flushed and drunk with it.” (15)

Choot plays both the protagonist and antagonist in the story. Throughout the story,...

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