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Analytical Units Essay

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The mission, goals and objectives are to obtain, collect and analyze as much information as possible to be able to disseminate the information to all the Unit Leads in their station. It is a necessity to communicate the information with all the Leads to be able to aid them in their investigations in order to increase the apprehension of the offenders. This information will also be used to identify patterns and trends to be able to implement deterring measures. The analytical unit will be involved in the improvement of short and long-term decision making processes. The analytical unit will also have the ability to manage, allocate and deploy their resources to be able to stop as much criminal ...view middle of the document...

Another method of gathering information comes from analyzing calls-for-service data. Since most agencies are moving to combine tactical and strategic analysis’s this will consolidate the efforts of helping the investigators in apprehending criminals as well as helping the community policing efforts to eliminate the “Hot Spots”. Also, by combining these efforts, the production of valuable tactical and strategic analyses will greatly be improved. The analysts also have another very important role and that is the ability to direct how the law enforcement agency will handle certain types of crimes.

There are five analyst positions and they all have specific types of duties. The tactical analyst performs crime analysis duties. They develop bulletins from calls-for service, conduct historical data for general and specific crimes, and identify hot spots, patterns and trends for the investigators, as well as publish regular bulletins to keep the department informed on the criminal trends. The tactical analysts develop crime maps, rapports with outside agencies and research crimes from inside and outside their jurisdiction. By making written and oral presentations for the staff in their agency affords them the ability to disseminate accurate and relevant information in a timely manner. The tactical analyst also analyzes the Modus Operandi from the case which includes but is not limited to; the pattern, timelines, resources, offender profiles from the database, and relevance. This can be done by doing background research on criminals and suspects. The tactical analyst must be able to obtain, analyze, compile and present the relevant information to their target audience to instill the confidence that they have the potential to forecast the criminal trends accurately.
The strategic analyst collects, compiles, analyzes and interprets criminal data to provide pertinent data to the police department that results in identifying hot spots and trends of criminal activity. The strategic analysts provide input, direction and counseling services to the staff for effective decision making and to be able to address their questions and/or issues. The strategic analyst is able to provide this information from being able to identify and research trends and patterns effectively. Through the research of the trends and patterns they are able to analyze long and short-term probability, complex statistics and develop hypothesis, profiles and forecast future criminal activity. The strategic analysts prioritize problem areas, offenders and projects to employ action plans and responses to the problem areas. They work closely with crime prevention officers, monitor crime trends from their local area to the national area to be able to better inform the local community.
The administrative/research analyst must be able to do the job of a tactical analyst and a strategic analyst. They also conduct resource allocation studies, research projects, special projects, budgeting,...

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