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Analyze Hr System Essay

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Analyze HR System
BSA 375

Analyze HR System
This paper is in reference to a new Information System for the current Human Resources ERP system. The service request SR-RM-004 from John Korezeniowski, states the organizational need for a new Human Resource ERP system. “… that integrates the existing variety of tools in use today into a single integrated application.” (Riordan Manufacturing, 2008) Riordan’s current ERP system was implemented in 1992 and is totally independent of its satellite offices. So I may better understand the business need I made a brief summary of the organization and its satellite offices.
Riordan Manufacturing, subsidiary of Riordan Industries, is a ...view middle of the document...

This proposed solution will ensure Riordan’s current and future business application needs are met in a cost-effective solution increasing productivity in the organization by stream lining all pertinent data into one central location for all locations to easily access.
To accurately address Riordan’s current business need all affiliated departments under went a though examination of it’s current Information System’s and its performance levels based on the proposed service request, SR-RM-004. The initial examination was conducted at its corporate headquarters in San Jose, CA, which entailed a observation of the daily operations. Since this service request focuses mainly on the updating and integrating the current Human Resource ERP system into one utility a day was spent in this department to obtain further information on the business process’s being utilized. This is what condluded from our observation was. Currently the Finance and accounting department receives payroll and tax information for the Human Resources department. Each satellite office has its own finance and accounting department which each use a different software application to process this data. Once they process the data it is forwarded to corporate to be consolidated into one location. We interviewed several employees in these departments to better understand the business need and to listen to there opinions and input on the proposed solution. Below is a description of the current applications used at each satellite office:
• San Jose, has a license for a fully integrated Windows based ERP manufacturing, distribution and financial solution specifically designed for the plastic production industry. The application source code is not included in the software licensing.
• Pontiac, purchased a vendor developed software application and source code for their finance/accounting and process applications. Unfortunately the vendor is no longer in business so upgrading the existing system will not be feasible. The current application is utilized by a pair of DEC Alpha’s which uses the VMS operating system, VAX4000 workstations and is programmed using C.
• Albany, purchased there...

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