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Analyze The Leadership Style (S) Of A Senior (Ceo, Cfo, Coo, Director, Etc) In Your Current Or Previous Organization Who Made A Positive Or Negative Impact On You

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Functions of management:
Managing an organization relatively means to effectively employ the various techniques and coordinate the efforts of the people within the organizational framework to help it definitely achieve the common objectives. In this view, every organization whether small or rather big has implemented its own management concepts that help it to perform and run smoothly in the concept that seeks to accomplish the stated mission and vision of the said organization. The basic functions of the strategic management process include the strategic and tactical operations of the organization.
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In relating to this process, the various mechanisms are involved which includes keen decision making process to help the manager to effectively perform the duties in the process of directing both the employees and the general organization at stake.
4. Controlling- this process involves establishing the recital standards that are based on the company's objectives. The process also involves evaluating and in addition reporting the performances of all the stages that were involved in the management process. In addition the job performances of the various employees and staffs should be evaluated.
In relation to this we choose to focus on Apple Inc which is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California. The company definitely designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics and in addition computer software and personal computers on a global scale.
In relation to this, the non-profit, Apple inc has shown tremendous improvement in the various areas of management and the application of the four functions of management effectively and in a manner that depicts and dictates the work flow for all the employees in the company. In relation to this, many factors both internal and external play a crucial role in ensuring that the business is run smoothly in all aspects of the performance process.
With regards to this process, the company continues to achieve its set goals in the marketing process based on a strong network that is spread on a global scale and this goes ahead to formulate and implement various policies that enables the smooth transition of the company(Marquis, 2009, 43). The company is also coupled with a high level of customer services and the efficient network that is created in the company. Consequently, this makes the employees feel that they are part of the organization. Consequently this enables them to be motivated in a way that gives them the morale to continue increasing the performance.
In this view of growth, the company growth is contributed by the fact that is coupled by the employees’ corporation and working on time to help them achieve their goals and meet the deadlines set by the management. In this view when the goals are achieved on time, this goes ahead to indicate and send a clear reflection of the company’s performance in the many areas. This goes ahead to reflect the feeling that makes the employees to feel to be part of the organization giving them the sense of ownership to their own company.
In addition, our nonprofit organization focuses in the delivery of services in a manner that depicts the improved performance and delivery of services. Those who work in the Apple Inc, they have also understood any piece of packaging and the products that the company produces. This is a reflection of the swipe that serves as a culture in the company which is reflected as “How can I help you?” in relation to these virtues and etiquette practiced in the organization, it has been made...

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