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Analyze Uk, Germany And Usa Comp Politics

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Round the globe, you are able to pick many democratic countries, communists' countries, socialist countries etc. There is a whole host of political systems in the world ranging from free democracies to authoritarian regimes. Of these, however, three in particular stand out. These are the presidential system of countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and the spectrum of Germany. Each, however, is also unique from each of the others with America being on top, followed by Britain and Germany Each of the three political systems mentioned above is a type of democracy but they all have different ways of expressing democracy as a term. It is these similarities and contrasts, which will ...view middle of the document...

Well on the other side British king was still in power and the country had to do what he said, where on the other side the Germans where a mess between their kings and the later on Nazis to come, trying to figure out their religion and solve their wars. Our founding fathers seem to have not liked what the others were doing and took a deeper step in establishing the roots of the strong American Democracy. To provide a system of checks and balances in the national government our framers divided the duties of the government into three sections. The first section is the legislative division which is charged with making the laws, the second is the executive division which enforces the laws passed by the legislative division and the third is the judicial division which interprets the laws passed by the legislative division and determines if they are legal according to the constitution (Deverman, 1989). This system, in combination with the electoral process, would become the equivalent of the Nation's central nervous system. It would regulate just exactly what our government could and could not do. Where in Britain the system is built in a way that each system can flow the other and where they can misuse their power. In Germany the civil or statute law system is based ultimately on Roman law with some references to Germanic law. Legislative power is divided between the Federation and the individual federated states. While criminal law and private law have seen codifications on the national level (in the Strafgesetzbuch and the Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch respectively), no such unifying codification exists in administrative law where a lot of the fundamental matters remain in the jurisdiction of the individual federated states ( the democracy of Great Britain and Germany operate under a parliamentary system of government. Great Britain, Germany and the United States differ in the way their representatives are placed in office, in their nominations, majoritianism, and electoral systems. These three countries are similar in that they have a two-party political system with tight party cohesion and discipline. The American system recognizes the Democratic and the Republicans, the British recognize the Labor Party, The Conservatives and the Christian Democrats and where Germans have 2 parties, the Social Democrats and the Christian Democratic Union and also some minor seats are filled in the parliament from the Green Party since 1983 ( to my believes is that the United States is slightly more diligent in this regard, both other countries have a deeply ingrained belief in populism, a political philosophy that the needs of the common people should be addressed and their rights protected. Where a large percentage of Great Britain's and German's executives attain office as a matter of societal privilege but in depth the people vote most U.S. representatives in. I believe that another difference in the three countries is...

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