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Analyzes The Organization’s Basic Legal, Social, And Economic Environments Analyzes The Organization’s Managerial, Operational, And Financial Issues Including: Project Management Project Timelines Critical Paths And

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Unit 3 IP


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While Microsoft has been very successful in providing the Windows operating system to PC makers as well as the Office Suite there is growing competition from Apple in terms of both the consumer market and the corporate market. The Apple Mac OS is now becoming a viable contender in both markets. However, in terms of the quickly growing and ever expanding mobile market Microsoft has done very little to win over handset makers and create an environment in which individuals are writing apps for their platform. In this case Apple ...view middle of the document...

Part of the reason is that many people now associated the “big” oil disaster with BP and the spill off the coast of Florida. In addition to spending money on many environmental impact programs they are currently involved in promoting the safety aspects of offshore and terrestrial drilling. While touting the safety of that drilling is important it's also important to continue to remind consumers of the commitment to the environment. An ad campaign touting the success of their projects that relate to the environment would actually benefit them in terms of letting BP take the brunt of the ecological damage and associate themselves with a continued effort and their safety record since. This would be considered low hanging fruit as it's not going to make a huge difference in profits. The goal is to simply build brand image that will provide long-term success. There is little risk in promoting the environmental and ecological outreach of the organization, as consumers want to know what oil companies are doing to protect the environment. This will certainly put Exxon in the minds of consumers as being an environmentally aware company.

Best Western
While Best Western has been around for a number of years they are no longer known for high-end hotels and instead are sometimes looked at as your run of the mill hotel that is franchised. The problem being that some franchises are better than others and some are downright awful. With such a gap in ownership there has been a significant problem with consistency. In order to reward the franchisees that are doing everything right I would propose that the company encourage and reward consumers for posting...

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