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Analyzing A Audience Essay

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Analyzing an Audience
English 215

Laws that change nursing home across America are a major concern for people that have loved ones in their care. This topic is not always in the news unless there is a tragedy that happen in one of the nursing homes. The effect of Medicaid and Medicare are causing many family members major problems with adequate care that being provided by these nursing homes. Health insurance do not pay enough and many people will be upset with the new changes, because it takes more money from Medicaid and Medicare. There are growing concerns for people who have loved ones in nursing homes due to the economic impact of nursing facility, poor quality of service, and the ...view middle of the document...

The proper service that is needed to operate a nursing home will be out of ratio because of the budget.
The expectation of the audience will be extremely interesting, because the nature of the topic is controversial. The primary and secondary will agree about the frequent abuse of patients in nursing homes local and abroad. Abuse is defined as a corrupt practice or custom, as improper use or treatment, or abusive language or physical maltreatment. (Merriam – Webster Dictionary, 1972). In my opinion I think that everyone should be held accountable for their action for any abuse toward anyone in this environment.
Changing the laws in nursing homes will have a negative effect on citizens. It could bring unwanted financial burden to families or force them to relocate their love one to another family member that is able the care for them. A natural solution to this problem is to study all parts of the nursing home, and think about the negative impact of these new laws have in the nursing home and the community. This argument has now made its way to congress, and our time here on earth...

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