Analyzing The Research Essay

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Analyzing the Research
Anne Marie Wouapet
Walden University
NURS 4000 Section 07, Research and Scholarship for Evidence-based Practice
June, 21, 2015

Analyzing the Research
In both the two educational research materials, it is evident that there are two research approaches – the qualitative and the quantitative methods displayed. Researchers who employ these two paradigms of research are considered as either qualitative or quantitative researchers. Studies reveal that these researchers at no instance cross into employing another research method into their work. For instance, a qualitative researcher cannot cross into the confines of the quantitative researchers and vice ...view middle of the document...

In as much as there are variables among these methods and concepts, the ideals of culture and cultural care remain forgotten into the agendas of educational facilities and other nursing entities (Vandenberg, & Kalischuk, 2014). However, in spite of the variability in the concepts of culture and cultural care especially among the undergraduate students, little has been discovered about the perspectives that the students gain from these educational experiences.
There is a variety of conceptualizations with regards to culture that have an impact in the nursing student’s education. The Canadian students are known for the influences they face in cultural diversity and multiculturalism that are promoted in learning institutions in Canada. These organizations in many instances equate diversity with Canada’s immigrant, ethical, racial and linguistic structures (Vandenberg, & Kalischuk, 2014). This studies in as much as they may result in discouraging overt cases of discrimination; they also have the capacity to encourage the students to embrace culture as a difference in beliefs and practices, without focusing on the social, historical shaped relations in power without examination.
Research Question
The author of the book, “Conceptualizations of culture and cultural care among undergraduate nursing students” explores and critiques what the students, especially in the undergraduate classes, should learn about culture and cultural care. To guide his overall aim, Vandenberg & Kalischuk (2014) develops a series of research question;
1. What do undergraduate nursing students understand on culture and cultural care?
2. What are some of the assumptions that students can make on the issue of culture and cultural care?
3. What are the undergraduate students taught on the subject of culture and cultural care?
4. How are these students socialized in issues to do with culture and cultural care?
Study Design
A quantitative research seeks to develop avenues geared towards understanding the causes of phenomena and in many instances does not consider the subjective states of issues or in this case of individuals (Sechrest, & Sidani, 2005). Additionally, this approach of research has the element of accepting positivism and also believes in the importance of a hypothetical-deductive procedure. This research approach is quantitative and chooses the focused ethnographic approach to display an understanding of the specific societal issues that affects this facet of nursing practice.
In this study, the student’s perspectives on culture and cultural care are used within the context of nursing education to disclose a situation that impacts nursing practice (Sechrest, & Sidani, 2005). It is therefore significant to note that the quantitative research design employed in this research regards reality and experiences as quantifiable and measurable and considers what is not measurable as not worthy of being reported, validated, measured and...

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