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Anatomy Exam Essay

859 words - 4 pages

BIOL 2451 – Spring 2013

Lecture Exam 3 Study Guide

I. Chapter 10
A. Functions of muscle
B. Structure of muscle
1. Connective tissue
a. know what each cover
b. What is the function of connective tissue within muscle
C. Muscle movements
2. Categories of functional groups – identify examples within category
c. Prime mover (agonist)
d. Synergist
e. Antagonist
f. Fixator
D. Specific muscles from table on D2L
3. Muscle function will be addressed with identification through word problems
g. A description of an activity will be given & ...view middle of the document...

explain how ACh goes from the neuron to a muscle at the neuromuscular junction: ACh is in the synaptic knob- it gets out with synaptic vesicles. Next, it pours into the synaptic cleft then goes to the ACh receptors.
13. explain the four phases of contraction and relaxation
14. what is the role of ATP during muscle contraction
15. What is the role of Calcium during muscle contraction: to bind to the troponin (regulatory protein), changes shape and orientation of tropomyosin, which then open up binding sites for the myosin and actin to combine
16. Explain how muscle force is regulated
n. Muscle cross sectional area (represents how large the muscle is)
o. Fascicle arrangement
p. Motor unit size
q. Multiple motor unit summation
ii. asynchronous wave summation
r. Temporal summation (time between stimuli)
s. Length–tension relationship
iii. Explain in terms of myofilament overlap
t. Fatigue
u. Type of contraction
v. Type of fiber
iv. Distinguish between SO & FG in terms of twitch force, twitch speed, fatiguability
w. Force velocity relationship
17. define contraction strength of twitches
18. threshold
19. latent period
20. contraction phase
21. relaxation phase
22. tetanus
G. Cardiac Muscle & Smooth muscle
23. Know only differences/similarities between 3 types of muscle tissue
III. Chapter 13
H. Functions of spinal cord
I. Regions of spinal cord
J. Explain damage to a particular nerve would cause loss of function where (motor only)
24. Table 13.3 – phrenic only
25. Table 13.4 – all
26. Table 13.5 – femoral & obturator only
27. Table 13.6 – tibial, fibular (common, superficial, deep)
K. Somatic Reflexes
28. Properties of a reflex
29. Pathways of a reflex
30. Types of reflexes
x. Stretch...

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