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Anatomy Notes On Dna And Rna Very Descriptive

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Anatomy--Diagram of Dna-T-nucleobase not in RnaMeischer- nucleic acid, 1st saw Dna, 1868Pauling- Structure of Dna, triple strand.Feulgen- staining dna, whre it is located.Levene- Dna a contained A-G(purines) and T-C(pyrimidines). Sugar and phosphate present. Thought equal amounts present.Chargaff- diff. Amounts of all four, t-a c-gWatson/Crick- base of Rosalind Franklin, double coil helix.Fanklin-xray crystallography findings. Noble peace award.Okazaki-leading strand, lagging strandNirenberg/Khorana-64 codonsCollins-Human genome projectnucleotide(basice building block of nucleic acid)-nucleobase,sugar,phosphate group.Adenine and Guaninie- purine. Double ringsCytosine/Thymine- pyrimidine-single ringsAdenine/thymine/cytosine/guanine -DNAAdening/uracil/cytosine/guanine-RNADna - negative charge, 2nm wide, 10 base ...view middle of the document...

Transfer Rna- feels out messenger Rna for message. Gives the amino acids to the ribosomes.Ribosomal Rna- links together the amino acids gotten from transfer Rna to form protiens.Replication - dna makes copy of itselfTranscription- dna makes messenger RnaTranslation- making of protienProtienPolyribosome- ribosomes with the same mRnaInitiation- Aug to begin making protienElongation- amino acids brought in by mRnaTermiination- stop at uga, uaa, or uagFrameshift mutation- delteion and addition of basesGenetic engineering- insulin, growth hormone, relaxin, tpaGenetic diseases- tay sachs, sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, huntingtonsDna incorrect- cretinism, albinism, tay sachs, pku- factors- xray, viruses, pesticides, radiationPku- lack enzyme phenyl, cant have mile or nutrasweet.Over 10,000 genetic diseasesIntrons-junkExons- expressed, do cod for protiens.Snurps- cut out introns, splice together exons, mRna molecule.Restriction enzymes- cut the plasmid at diff. Sites.Viruses inject rna or dna- restriction enzymes fight away.Ecoli- used in many genetic engineering experiments.Lytic cycle- destroys "host" cellLysogenic cycle- incorporates into Dna, carried for generations before causing lysis.Aids receptor- cd4, ccr5, gp120, fusinAids attaches to white blood cells, t4 lymphocyte450 bases, 150 amino acids.Rflps- normal- 5, 14, 10, 6, skin, cheek, saliva, hair, semen, white blood cells.- sickle cell anemia, tay sachs, hemophilia, huntingtons, cystic fibrosisautoradiograph-identify bases.probe- sticks to gene.Mitochondrial Dna- evoluntionary dna, found in mother egg.Enzyme- speeds up chemical reactionelectrophorese-show how dna has been cute with restriction enzymes, determine the number of base pairs.Human Genome project- 40,000, stopped in 2003, 1900-2005, francis collins. Venter- use of dna sequencing analyzers.

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