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Summarise and discuss the presentations of mental health in two newspaper articles.

The intentions for this assignment are to examine, consider and discuss various perceptions of mental health. The associated factors connected to diagnosis and the diversity of treatments available, as portrayed in the two newspaper articles.

Reflecting on the newspaper articles, the common analysis appears to be how suffering from fear and sadness is currently classified as a "modern day epidemic".(Wright,O,2011.) With one in four people in the UK suffering at some stage in their life the connected financial evidence illustrates the substantial impact on the British economy.

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Changes in society and diagnosis

Prior to counselling becoming the conventional cultural medium for the treatment of fear and sadness, experience of these types of emotions would have been channelled through a variety of approaches. One example of this, can be observed in eighteenth century Europe, where modes for expression would be exercised through religion. The most probable approach being confession and repentance. "Pennebaker (1990) points out that most cultures at most times had some ritualised way of expressing troubling emotional experiences," as cited in (Parker, I. (2010 p.10).

As society developed, progression of associated scientific knowledge increased. The religious perceptions began to lose momentum, as altered perspectives and the notion of medical control began to dominate. It was during the nineteenth century, when the medical interest in psychiatry transpired. The three main underlying areas of diagnosis are still recognised today. These are derived from the work of Emil Kraepelin (1883), which stated mental disorders were genetically determined, separate, naturally occurring, fixed and deteriorating conditions. (Parker, I. (2010)p.24)

Differing perspectives of appropriate treatments

In contrast, both newspaper articles voice the opinion that through CBT, the condition is curable . This point is reiterated by the coalition government which claim[...]"nearly half of those who get the new treatment will be "cured"[...](Hagan, 2011).

However, the opinion of Dr. David Healy, a psychiatrist and professor of psychological medicine at Cardiff University, is that in cases of severe mental illness drugs can be useful for effective management in the short term. He also expresses the view that mental health professionals are considered to be managers of the disease rather than carers of it, similarly when prescribing treatment, the General Practitioners (G.P) choice of drug is largely influenced by the particular pharmaceutical company which influences marketing.

[...]"A great deal of what happens will depend on whether the person that comes to see me is a person who thinks drugs may be an option[...] people who come and are keen to steer clear of drugs, that's what we'll do,[...]people come who think well if the drug helps,[...] I'd be far more inclined to go down that route"[...] as cited in( Excerpt 4; DVD 1. (2010).

Potential losses and gains of diagnosis

With this in mind, one could argue, that treatment of choice is not solely dependent upon each clients individual traits. Strong connections to the growth in the popularity of counselling and psychotherapy and the G.P's preferred method of practice are all factors which influence and determine the type of treatment received.

As prescription drugs only temporarily suppress the symptoms, and do not treat the cause, I would suggest that possible over diagnosis is evident, which could consequently lead to...

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