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Ancient Egyptian: Ways Of Life Essay

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The Egyptians were the first to make bread that is soft, light and filled with air. They also made the first ovens, because they need a different way to bake the larger mass of dough used for this new kind of bread. The Egyptians used mud bricks that have been dried in the sun to make houses.

The sun is shining on our backs. In town ,we shall be paid fish for our barley.

That was a song of Egyptian farmers , more than 3,000 year ago. Wall paintings in ancient tombs show farmers at work in their fields. The early Egyptians had hundreds of signs for words or for parts of words. Like other ancient people, the Egyptians often wrote on clay tablets or stone. It was from ...view middle of the document...

Both head and body were carved from solid rock. The head of the Sphinx has been damaged more than once by people who destroy things on purpose.

Over the centuries, desert sand storms have also warn away some of the stone.

The Giant Statue on the Shore

In Egypt , there is a statue so big that eight men can sit on one of its feet. It is one the giant statues of King Ramses the 2nd

that stands outside two temples. When the Egyptians decided to build a new high dam across the Nile, it meant that the river waters rising behind the dam would flood the temples. The temples and the statues had to be cut into many huge blocks. Each block was numbered and raised to the top of the cliff. The numbers helped the workers to know how to put the blocks back together again. The cliff where the temples were first built is now covered with water.

The Great Stone Tent

To build the pyramid they didn’t use cranes or bulldozers, they used wooden ramps. Each stone weighed as much as four cows. How did the men lift these stones to the top of the pyramid? Maybe the men pulled the giant stones up a ramp on sled. These pyramids took twenty years to build.(Today it only would take one to build a pyramid.) Today the Great Pyramid still stands in Egypt. People from all over the world still come to see this Great Pyramid.

The Nile River Valley

The Nile is the largest river in Africa and the largest river in the world. It flows north into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile floods every...

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