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When looking at Ancient Greek Art and Ancient Egyptian Art you will notice that while the two periods are not far apart time wise, the art that comes out of these periods is dramatically different. The Egyptians seemed to focus on building gigantic architectural structures, and the focus of their paintings and sculptures was nature, animals, and the supernatural. Also, when the Egyptian people did something with the human form it seemed to follow the same basic, un-detailed, generic body style when sculpted or drawn. Then you look at Ancient Greek Art, you see the focus changes more too real, and physical objects. One real, physical object became the center focus for a lot of Greek art and ...view middle of the document...

A good example of this is The Temple of Zeus, Olympia, c. 470-456 BCE, from the Early Classical Period. This piece shows a dramatic fight scene where Apollo quickly ends it by simply raising his arm. "In contrast, the majestic figure of Apollo celebrates the triumph of reason over passion, civilization over barbarism" (Stokstad, 139). This showed how logic or being rational was better than letting emotion take over.Last we have idealism which meant beauty equals perfection, and everything has a perfect state to strive for. A good example of this is the Charioteer of Delphi, 470 BCE, from the Early Classical Period. This piece in-particular really has a little of all three ideals in it that's why it is such an important statue, but it is a good example of idealism. "The geometric folds of the chiton overlie an obvious and well proportioned muscular body, thus achieving a rare harmony between idealism and realism" (Ancient Greece, 3). Also the individualized eyelashes and veins across the top of the feet show that the sculptor was striving...

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