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Ancient Greek Paintings Essay

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Though the Greeks have been known throughout the world for their excellent sculptures and amphorae, they must also be credited for mastering panel painting. The main reason that they are not more widely known of is the plain fact that many have either been destroyed or depleted throughout the years. Some of the most complete surviving examples of early Greek panel painting are scenes of banqueting and diving painted by an unknown artist for a tomb at Paestum, Italy. The figures in the Paestum frescoes show skillful drawing and a developed understanding of human anatomy. The artist has drawn eyes in profile, instead of frontally, and included elements of landscape.According to literary ...view middle of the document...

The Hellenistic period produced such artists as Demetrius, a specialist in landscape.Unfortunately, of the painters whose names we know from ancient literature, not a single brushstroke survives. Literary descriptions by such authors as Pliny the Elder and Pausanias provide some idea of the work of these painters. Pausanias, for example, described the Battle of Marathon. But scholars also depend on reflections of these painters' styles found in other media, especially vase painting and mosaic. For example, a vase depicting The Killing of the Niobids seems to reflect both the individual character and the spatial composition for which Polygnotus was famed. A large Roman mosaic from Pompeii, the so-called Alexander Mosaic, shows Alexander's defeat of Persian king Darius and may reproduce a late 4th-century painting by Philoxenus of Eretria.Original Greek wall paintings by unknown artists survive from the late 4th-century bc in tombs at Kazanlak and at Lefcadia and Vergina in ancient Macedonia. The Vergina paintings are notable for evoking an emotional mood, for the loose, spontaneous quality of their drawing, and for their illusion of depth and distance. Roman wall paintings such as those at Pompeii may also reflect the narrative style and atmospheric effects achieved by Hellenistic Greek painters.Apelles was one of the most celebrated artists of the ancient world. Born in Colophon on the Ionian coast, he studied in Sicyon, now Sikion, under Pamphilus of Amphipolis. Apelles' works, characterized by a unique grace, are known only from literary descriptions, but they inspired Renaissance artists. The works include portraits of Philip of Macedon, his son Alexander the Great, and Alexander's generals, as well as mythological and allegorical scenes, such as Venus Anadyomene and Calumny, in which Ignorance, Suspicion, Envy, and other qualities are personified. According to a well-known anecdote, a cobbler detected a fault in the shoe of a figure painted by Apelles, who quickly rectified it. When the cobbler criticized the legs, however, Apelles exclaimed "Ne supra crepidam sutor judicaret," advice immortalized as "Let the cobbler stick to his last."Apollodorus, Athenian painter known as Skiagraphos, the "Shadow Painter". By skillful use of light and shade he improved perspective and the modeling of figures in order to heighten the illusion of three-dimensional space. His innovations were further developed by Zeuxis. None of Apollodorus' works has survived.Polygnotus, Greek painter, who dominated Athenian art in the period between 470 and 450 bc. Although none of his paintings remains, contemporary descriptions establish that he was an unusually influential innovator. He introduced landscape and simple perspective into painting, freed composition from the convention of placing figures along a rigid baseline, and broke away from the rigidity of archaic Greek art by expressing emotion in the features of...

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