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And Who Will Act As A Bridge Between Us And Our Loved Ones?

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So much pain we handle everyday. It’s hard to tolerate this fact that we have lost our loved ones who will never come back. Nothing can work here and nothing can make them come back. The thing called money which is very crucial in our daily lives cannot act as a bridge between us and our loved ones.

But still we follow and worship money. I know we are not at fault. Money is magic and it acts like one. It provides so much comfort and we all have this tendency to want more of anything we get and we all know that money can only fulfill that need. So its fine and justified but the question still stands intact that who will help?

And who will act as a bridge between us and our loved ones?

Well we can only pray or cry or miss them, this is the only option we are left with. Well besides being cruel to the world we all have heart and that heart beats for loved ones only. We can do anything to provide happiness to our family and on the same hand we do ...view middle of the document...

This self defense theory is impeccably designed in us and made by us.

But there are times when we get connected to these strangers and besides so much difference and complications we trust these strangers in different situations. This is all caused by love. Love here does not mean between girls and boys, it can exist between friends. Well trust is build by love and care, they work incredibly well together but the million dollar question is, “do we cry when we lose any stranger which was a friend?

Or the pain we suffer is really too much to affect our life?

Why we are able to move on after losing a friend?

And why it’s difficult to move on when we lose any family member?

Well different people have different views about this but the answer is same for all and the answer is BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER and it’s a real and a very common fact which is missed and ignored by lot of people who want to achieve there dreams.

There are many who think that the possessiveness of family members is the barrier in the path of success and the possessiveness of girlfriend or boy friend is real love. Well this confusion and wrong analysis leads to disaster and this starts very nicely with affective complications and tight situations. Things go worse when we realize the importance of the loved ones and that time of realization is too late to make any adjustment and modification.

It’s a non digesting fact that we do not take our family members seriously and there advice looks useless to many people as friends appear much more informative to them. Besides knowing that at the end of the day they can only trust there family, they still prefer friends and outsiders for advice and company.

There are very less who prefer going out for movies and shopping with family and friends are on the top list for these recreational activities but the regret is big when we lose this family as earlier we have taken these family members for granted and as we all know that maximum number of friends are made because of money and they can never be taken for granted. Make a right choice; it’s in your hands. Trust those who really deserve this word, others are just others...

Posted by Pulkit mohan singla

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