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The story of Plato's “Allegory of the Cave”
The story of the Allegory of the Cave written by the greek ancient greek philosopher Plato[->0] was more or less a theory involving the way human beings percieve things in life. The theory is platos main idea that wisdom or knowledge obtained through the senses like, eyes, smell or sound can not be more than personal opinion and that the only way to obtain true knowledge, people need to obtain it through rational and intellectual reasoning. In this story, the philosopher Plato differentiates between people who make the simple mistake sensory knowledge for the absolute truth and the people who really do see the truth using rational thought. I ...view middle of the document...

Shadows begin to form on the stone wall thus influencing there knowledge of there controled world.
So, lets pretend that you are one of the prisoners tied up. Just imagin that you cannot look at anything behind or to the side of you becuase you are bound that you must look at the stone wall in front of you. Then you see people walking along the pathway, and you can see shadows of the objects they are carrying cast on to the wall. Now, If you had never seen any of the real objects before, you would absolutly believe that the shadows of the random objects were completly real.
When analyzing these objects, the shadows represent the human perceptions of those who truly believe this inconclusive evidence ensures knowledge. If you really believe what you see should be taken as the truth, then you are merely seeing a shadow of the truth, or your own perception of truth. In many peoples eyes, you would be considered blind to the truth of the world. Many people believe there lives is one big game being lead by a someone who bleives what they think is empirical knowlege, thus people begin to believe false information as empirical truth.
The Game shows how people believe that someone can be a master or when they have knowledge of the hypothetical world. Plato is demonstrating that this master does not really know anything. In the story , Plato implies that the prisoners would begin a game of guessing on which shadow would appear next. Now, if one of the prisoners were to guess right, the other prisoners would appauld him as smarty and wise and say that he was a master of nature or some priased title. So in other simple words, whom ever seems correct must be very wise. It makes me think of the government...

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