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Andy Warhol An Artist Or Not?

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Andy Warhol an Artist or Not?On a daily basis we are showered with images we obtain from photography, billboards, television, and movies. People tend to glance through all the images, since it is close to impossible to pay full attention to everything. The only images that we keep in mind are the ones that are straightforward, understandable and repetitious. Nowadays, many of the artworks appear to be ridiculed. Being mocked of his work, Andy Warhol, the leader of the 1960's artistic movement known as Pop Art, a straight depiction of popular culture and removal of the influential artist, faced many criticisms about his work; whether or not if it was actually art.Pop art is left to each ...view middle of the document...

Color played a vital role in Warhol's work; his color schemes tend to be bright. Colors vary slightly allowing the viewer to actually perceive differences among the work. His style seems to be more detached and separate which little affecting concern or recognition is shaped. Because of his style a statement is made to the audience showing how the media is affecting the society. Any highlights or shadows created are secondary and the apparently subjective management of colors that is so extreme that it disregards depth in the picture. Which portrayed how society now is mostly shallow and nothing seems to be in depth anymore.By completely covering the canvas with the same image of Mona Lisa, Warhol proposes the picture plane, almost never-ending. One must question what this repetition is and why he chooses to work with repetition. Warhol chooses Leonardo's Mona Lisa to repeat because if an image reoccurs, it is sensed that the actions we make have been repeated through history. Warhol shows a concurrent understanding of the past and the future of the images in this. This is not a way saying that history repeats itself, but rather that the past shapes the future that is in front of each one of us. Since the images are all alike it shows that the past and future are both in a sense the same and stereotyped. Since life is like a sequence of images that alters as they repeat themselves. Warhol repeated the same images over and over again and saw repetition as a way of expressing himself. Also he made the decision as to how many repeated images would appear on a single canvas. Since the lack of centering in this piece, it shows time without end. Concurrently, the similar returns to another object for comparison. From the viewpoint of variation, no matter how unimportant, the viewer cannot rebut the existence of similarity. All the images are the same, but very different. Due to different timing, location, or mood, an image can be viewed in so many different ways. That is why repetition is a good way to express originality.Warhol likes to make images that once have had a history of multiplicity in themselves. In his characteristic way he reproduced the basic marketable look of Mona Lisa reproductions, and did not duplicate the work of art itself. For this reason, Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is considered to be an iconographic. This piece of art went through a lot of history, legend, and rough remarks from the public. Mona Lisa has been used and reproduced worldwide as a sign for the largely added versatile ideas of love, art, purity, and painting. While she is well known for being eminent, contrasting from the temporary icon of today, she is taken from the destruction of outside time. She is an icon, a symbol telling the mysterious control of images and power of illustration to go beyond and disregard method, trend, and even the discomfited temporary talent of her many illustrators. What the viewer really sees is the surface of painted grounds. The...

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