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Angie In Top Girls Essay

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(a) Discuss the presentation and function of the character Angie, in the context of the play as a whole.

Angie is the daughter that Marlene rejected, and adopted by Joyce. She represents the consequences of the choices Marlene and Joyce made, one choosing career, while the latter choosing family. She is also the embodiment of the group of girls with no skills, no looks, no intelligence, and thus most likely, without a decent future. She serves to question the way society is progressing, whether people like her will have a place in the future they are making, and what will happen to those that do not fit.
Many signs indicate that Angie is “not going to make ...view middle of the document...

In the short span of a year, Kit has become vastly different from when she was before, exhibiting a lot more maturity. Angie however, remained pretty much the same, maturing only physically, outgrowing her dress. This shows how Angie’s mental development is stagnating, perhaps implying she might never grow up, and be left in the dust.
Furthermore, Angie does not fit into society. She has no friends her own age, and is a school dropout. “People your(Angie’s) own age know there’s something funny about you(her).” She is “funny” thus she in unable to be socially accepted. She has no qualifications, “CSE’s, O’s.” “Nothing, none of that”, therefore preventing her from having a proper job. “She is not going to get a job when jobs are hard to get” She also does not seem to be able to make it as a housewife, “she’s one of those girls might never leave home.” She has no prospects in virtually anything. She represents those that have nothing, right at the bottom of the social ladder, and unable to do anything to help themselves. She embodies the weak and the helpless, and gives them a voice, drawing attention to their problems in a Thatcherian society where it is every (wo)man for himself.
However, Angie, despite not being very bright, surprisingly has the ability to get what she wants. She said she was “going to London. To see my(her) aunt”, and she did, one day just turning up in Marlene’s office without telling anybody. She really is “ smart in her own way”. She was able to get to London all by herself, so perhaps she is not really all that mentally challenged? In act 3, she was also able to orchestrate a meeting between Joyce and Marlene, setting the both of them up. She can actually achieve results when she wants something to happen, so perhaps she is not totally hopeless. Although Marlene judged her as “not going to make it”, Angie does share some similarities with Marlene, particularly her intense desire to change...

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