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Aniamal Experiments Should Be Prohibited Essay

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Animal Experiments Should Be Prohibited
Ducduy Tran
Solbridge International School of Business

Animal experiments should be prohibited
Nowadays, following the development of society, many environmental implications have also risen, such as air pollution, water pollution, and greenhouse effect…These problems cause a lot of dangerous diseases which can kill people. Scientists are trying hard to discover the treatment for these diseases. In order to achieve that, they have to use several methods, and animal experimentation is one of those. Some people think that, animal experiments give people a lot of benefits. I agree with this opinion, but I think it’s only true in the past because these ...view middle of the document...

For example, in the experiments done by Jane Goodall,a primate expert, she observed the action of a chimpanzee child after his mother died in Africa’s National Park. The chimpanzee did a lot of action such as stop eating, avoid meeting with others and sometime she also can hear the crying sound form him (Berlin, 2005). She wrote “Chimpanzees, differing from us genetically by only just over one percent, can't be said to weep, for they don't shed tears. Yet--they show behavior that's associated with sadness, depression, and grief in humans: soft whimpering, crying sounds, listlessness, lack of appetite, avoidance of others,” (Berlin, 2005). Therefore, I believe it's inhumane to treat animals like forcing them to go through such horrible procedure and endure the pain on their bodies when they are defenseless.
The next reason is that, animal testing is not reliable. Veterinarian Andre Menache, a National Council on Animal Experimentation member until late 2003 and currently a scientific consultant for Animal Aid in England, said that “As a veterinarian, I can say there is medicine for dogs that can't be used on cats. So you certainly cannot use dog tissue to research medicine that is designated for humans" (Bentsur, 2005). To clarify it, although scientists try to use the animals which have a similar genetic system with human, the animal’s reactions are still different from people. Some experiments prove to be effective on animals, but fail to do work on human bodies, and may even cause side effects. For instance, we found more than 80 vaccines to against HIV from the experiments on chimpanzees which have a very close genetic with human, however, they still cannot protect human from HIV (“Limitations and Dangers”). Moreover, Dr. Richard Klausner, former Director of the National Cancer Institute, disclosed that cancer in mice have been treated for decades but it still does not work on human (“Limitations and Dangers”).Thus, I strongly believe that the treatments invented from animal experiment can be very dangerous for people. Because, after discovering the treatment by using animal experiments, scientists have to test on human and the treatment’s side effect can kill people.
Last but not least, nowadays, scientists have invented many methods that can test the efficiency of treatments without using animals, we call them non-animal methods. One of them is Virtual Patient – one of the most popular methods. According to Foster City Life Sciences Company, the virtual version of mouse help to boost the development of new treatments, we can create new treatment with low cost and safer, especially, this method help many companies fulfill the new regulation of European Union(Graebner, 2007). There are many companies using this method,...

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