Animal Cloning Essay

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Controversial Ecology Issue

Animal Cloning

I believe that cloning animals is a very big controversial issue. Many people see it as a way to save the species and avoiding the possibility for an endangered species. I on the other-hand am going to have to side with those going against the idea. I believe that what is meant to be is meant to be and that is how it should happen. Many people will consider this “going against God” and I would certainly agree though I am not actively religious. I just don’t think that it is right. I see it as toying with life. Life is something precious and for these clones, in my eyes they are not real. I see clones as robots and we all know how IRobot went. These same concepts also contribute when looking at the after affects, many of the cloned animals don’t make it to birth ( maybe for a reason!) and if they do they may not live more than a few years. “As ...view middle of the document...

What if they started to clone humans? Would it still seem harmless and cool? I don’t see these creatures as animals because for all we know they could have an unseen mutation in their brain or later they could become troubled or violent. Also we have to think about the life of the clone, how is it fair to them to be some science experiment? What if that was your dog or cat. We can suspect that their life will be short lived and maybe even painful so why would we as humans put them through that?

On the contrary, there are always pros to go along with the cons. Of course if a very important species is going extinct we would want to do something about it and this is a possible solution. “Livestock are particularly vulnerable to certain diseases, including one called brucellosis. Some animals, though, have genes that make them naturally resistant to brucellosis. Cloning those animals could produce a whole herd of disease-free animals, saving farmers millions of dollars in lost meat.” - Animal Clones: Double Trouble, Science News For Students states. This can help us have disease free meat and is very similar to genetically modifying our fruits and vegetables. Aslo, “The average milk cow produces 17,000 pounds of milk a year, says Westhusin, who works at Texas A&M University in College Station. Every once in a while, a cow is born that can naturally produce 45,000 pounds of milk a year or more. If scientists could clone those exceptional cows, fewer cows would be needed to make milk.”- Animal Clones: Double Trouble, Science News For Students stated. Cloning may be able to help farmers and lessen the amount of animals needed to produce our intake from animals. Maybe then we wont have as many food recalls or poorly cared for meat incorporations. We won’t need as many to get the job done.

I remain against the idea on animal cloning. I don’t believe that it is fair for the animals being tested. I think it is best to just let nature sort things out on its own and we shouldn’t get in its way. I believe that everything happens for a reason and it should stay that way.

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