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Animal Farm 25 Essay

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Teddy Ayalew

Orwell, George. Animal Farm .New York: Penguin Books Ltd, 2000.

In this 128-page book, animals , kept the under tyranny of Mr. Jones , become inspired and motivated by the pig , Major, who tells them that he dreamed of a human free Utopia in which all the animals could live in . So the animals eventually revolted and took command of the farm, for equality. Slowly equality amongst the animals began to disappear as the intellectual pigs began enforcing laws until eventually the pigs were no different than the humans that they had fought off.

From Totalitarianism to Socialism to Communism

In many countries Socialism rises from capitalism, as Karl Marx says. In ...view middle of the document...

Now free of the tyrants, Animal farm is under Socialism. This in the beginning isn’t all that bad. Snowball, the less controlling of the two leaders, decides that certain rules should be in place and comes up with the 7 Commandments which don’t seem that bad and the animals readily agree. During this period of socialism there exists conflict between Napoleon and Snowball on every little thing, just as conflict arose between two future potential leaders in Russia, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin. Most of the time Snowballs, wins, but at times Napoleon wins in a more mischiefs manner. Snowball focusing on how to improve the animal’s well-being comes up with ideas such as schools for animals that want to learn, the construction of a windmill that will decrease the amount of work the animals will have to put in, and many other reforms. Napoleon on the other hand has no ideas and only refutes Snowballs Ideas. The one fishy thing Napoleon does is takes the pups of the farms dogs to secretly teach in an isolated area.

The other animals at the time were living in prosperity, which is usually the case in the early developments of socialism. Under the Influence of the intelligent pigs, the animals of the farm live agreeing to all their changes.

One day a meeting is held and the agenda of the day is whether or not the animals wanted to build a windmill, which Napoleon was strongly against, and note that at this time the animas actually were able to...

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