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Animal Farm: The Seven Commandments Essay

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Animal Farm Essay
What would a society be like if all of its inhabitants were uneducated? What if no one could make a clear and distinct decision for themselves about what is right and what is wrong? If they allowed a ruler to have absolute control over their future lives and present quality of life, then the ruler would promptly become corrupt from this new overload of authority. An uneducated person is taught how to think whereas an indoctrinated person is taught what to think. There is an unmistakable difference; the ability to formulate one’s own opinion and draw one’s own conclusions greatly influences the structure of any society. George Orwell emphasizes the importance of an ...view middle of the document...

However it is not long before the pig’s intelligence and education turn from tools of enlightenment to implements of oppression. The moment the pigs are faced with something material that they want-fresh milk- they abandon their morals and use their superior intellect and knowledge to deceive the other animals. The pigs also limit the other animals’ opportunities to gain intelligence and education early on. They teach themselves to read and write from a children’s book but destroy it before the other animals have a chance to see it. Most of the animals never learn more than a few letters of the alphabet. Once the pigs cement their status as the educated elite, they use their mental advantage to manipulate the other animals. For example, knowing that the other animals cannot read the seven commandments, they revise them whenever they like. The pigs also use their literacy to learn trades from manuals, giving them an opportunity for economic specialization and advancement. The pigs’ intelligence and education allow them to bring the other animals into submission through the use of propaganda and indoctrination. At the end of the book, readers will witness Napoleon’s preparation to educate a new generation of the pigs and indoctrinate them into the code of oppression.
In order for Napoleon to indoctrinate the young, he takes them away from their mothers when they are born. In doing this, he can teach them to follow his commands since they learn Napoleon’s ways from a young age, they will know no other way to live; as a result, they will forever be sacred and committed followers of Napoleon and hi government. Napoleon had absolute power. The animals he ruled over were uneducated and because of this they did not know that they were being “had”. He kept them blind to what was going on. He also exhausted by...

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