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Animal Rights Essay

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a) Explain the variety of attitudes within on major religion to the issue of animal’s right. (30 marks)
There are many different attitudes towards issues of animal rights. Some believe that exploiting animals for uses such as, medical, cosmetics and domestic testing there is also a growing concern about the abuse and use of animals in some such as blood sports and zoos. Although, there is animal rights in place, animals till get exploited and abused
Within this essay I will outline how traditional Christians view animals and how modern day christens view animals and how both views conflict; I will also outline philosopher’s views of animal rights.
The traditional Christians view is that ...view middle of the document...

Not many Christians believe that nature serves humanity. Humans nowadays accept that we be steward of the planet rather than exploit them.
There are many animal-friendly ideas within the modern Christian views they believe that as God made us together both animals and humans, so we have the same origin with God, God’s ideal world is that humans are to live in harmony with animals, which was demonstrated in the garden of Eden where humans and animals lived in peace. The prophet Isaiah described the Kingdom of Heaven as a place to go where animals and humans work together, God created everything included animals so therefore, we should respect them as its God creation, so, by mistreating animals we are wronging God. Christ tells us to be kind to animals as they are weak and helpless compared to us.
There was different thinking for both traditional and modern views, Traditionalist such as Augustine and Thomas Aquinas had different views to modernists such as Andrew Linzey.
Augustine’s believed that animals existed entirely for the benefit of humanity they thought this as they believed that as animals are rational whereas animals aren’t and as humans are rational they are allowed to rule over irrational beings such as animals, Humans are also superior as they can tame animals but animals cannot tame humans, so they are regarded as little worth.
Thomas Aquines had similar thoughts, he was unconcerned of the welfare of the animals he thought that animals were created to be used by humans, as they dont have ability to reason, meaning that they have no worth compared to humans. He believed that the universe was a primed were God was at the top and humans were above animals, and as we are below God we serve him, so therefore, animals serve us, humans,. He also believes that they have immortal souls so they are of little worth, these are the traditional views.
Andrew Linzey’s views were different he believed that God’s ;love is intended ‘not just for humans but for all creates’ as they had God’s-given worth, so we should treat animals with that worth and we shouldn’t justify worth by the usefulness of the animal. His views looked at the intention of God’s creation, he believe that God created the universe not just for humans but for other and that God loves all creation and cares for all creation that we as humans should so do too. Doing wrong by animals is doing wrong by God, so therefore exploiting animals would make us bad Christians, Lisnzeys views are that modern views.
Modern views and traditional views are very different, as one shows that we need to respect animals and the other shows that we should use animals for our own personal use and we can use the as we please.
There are three basic views on animal rights; they are of Micheal A Fox and Carl Cohen, Tom Regan and Peter Singer and also Roger Scruton. Micheal A Fox and Carl Cohen share the same views , they believe that animals aren’t part of a moral community and also have no...

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