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Animal Rights 9 Essay

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Animal Rights by Leonardo Giraldo

Rights are all about respect. Animals are a big part of human society, they provide us with food, clothes, and in a lot of cases they are a work force that helps us in our daily life. When you think about animals and their part in your life, you can´t help feel trapped between two positions: kill them for food or take care of them because they are living beings, and this apply to every case in which animals are involved and we get to the question Are we going to exploit animals like every other natural resource or we are going to respect the fact that they are living beings just like us? Which is the better way to reach a balance between these two questions? ...view middle of the document...

In example we can see some of the principles and objectives from the ADA: 1. Respect for life and dignity of every individual, without distinction of race or species. 2. No living being should be enslaved, abused or exploited. 3. All animals are equal in rights. Legislation should ensure compliance. As well as some of their objectives: 1. Create awareness about the suffering of animals caused by abandonment, disease and abuse, in order to reduce as much as possible, with a view to eradication. 2. Participate as promoter of laws that advocate for the defense and protection of animals and the environment. Disseminate and enforce existing standards.

On the other hand there are cultures and governments that see animals as never-ending natural resources and treat them as inanimate objects. Japan is an example of this as they are one of the few countries in which is legal to hunt whales and other species that are endangered and in some north European countries this is also a problem but in a more controlled way. Animal abuse is found in almost every country in different ways in which animal rights need to be more severe.

In the world can see that we have done good progress in the field of animal rights, but just looking at the streets you can see that there´s a lot of work to do and that´s one of many examples I can give of the lack of laws to protect animals. Education and awareness of the situation of the relationship between animals and we is what we need to reach the balance that will ensure us and future generations a healthy and complete lives.

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