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Animals And Human Culture Essay

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Animals and Human culture

Before the 19th century, the West viewed nonhumans as being outside the legal and moral community (Francione, 2008). In this respect, how they were treated or used raised no legal or moral concern. The Western community could use nonhumans for whatever purpose they felt like, inflicting suffering and pain to whatever magnitude they wanted and no obligation owed to them would be deemed as being violated. In other words nonhumans were not distinguished from other inanimate objects and as such had no legal or moral obligations (Nikki, 2012). There are those acts that from the surface appeared as obligation towards other animals, for instance an obligation not ...view middle of the document...

It would be right to say therefore that beyond a certain degree human are not able to fully apprehend the extent of other’s suffering. Elaine Scarry in her book ‘The Body in Pain’ acknowledges that individuals will know their pain without effort if it is their own but when it is not, even with some effort they may not know the pain. She asserts that human being are unable to fathom the pain of other people. This can also be pain related to nonhuman. It is possible that human may remain unaware of the pain of nonhuman. Many may actually doubt its existence while those that apprehend only to the extent of the real pain.

Nonhuman animals have been overtaxed for a long time with the task of making sense of human social affairs. Nonhuman animals symbolize different aspects in different cultures. It matters more how we as humans think nonhuman animals behave than how they behave. It is kind of humans are predisposed by certain ill motivated notions that nonhuman animals should behave as we think they should behave and not how they are made naturally to behave. Nonhuman animals to a big extent exemplify human qualities like care for young ones, family and sex complimentarity. As said earlier nonhuman animals symbolize various aspects of human life. In many cases they are cited to back our suppositions about the character of things and human relationship with natural environment even if these conjectures and meanings may in reality have nothing to do with the natural, social relations and biology of nonhuman animals. Debate about nonhuman animal behaviour always revolves around morality. It is true that morality is basically based on natural behaviour but when we start exemplifying human behaviour such as gay marriages and gender aspects we become more accommodative even when such moves are informed by wrong premise and which is totally opposite of the natural behaviour of humans. So the question is why are we so strict when it comes to nonhuman animals? When nonhuman animals are involved in homosexual behaviours we are very fast to condemn it as unnatural. It is therefore important that we are meticulous when citing the behaviour of nonhuman animals in discussing social and cultural relations of humans. In recent past, there has been a rise in feminist interest in biology and ethnology and other scholars making propositions that the behaviour study of nonhuman animals may be very crucial in explaining human structures and social relations.

When trying to gather solutions to the suffering that factory farmed animals go through a number of setbacks emanate. The problem stems from the actual situation at hand, what we can describe as a mass situation (Nikki, 2012). It is a dire situation where there are so many animals in dire pain and suffering. It is an expanse of animals in horror and in almost every factory farm the story is the same. It is an artificial phenomenon that has been created and which has been considered recklessly as...

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