Anime And Manga Essay

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Writing Mode: A research paper is a form of EXPOSITORY writing (informs, explains, clarifies, or defines), anchored to researched, cited information.

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| |Main ideas presented in a logical order. | | |
| |Transitions exist between ideas and between paragraphs. | | |
| |The cause-and-effect text structure is used (arguable). | | |
| |Thesis statement is clearly stated in the introduction and again | | |
| |more strongly in the conclusion. | | |
|Voice |The research paper uses appropriately formal language. | | |
| |Point of view is third person (no use of I or You). | | |
| |Information from research is smoothly incorporated into your | | |
| |sentences. | | |
|Word Choice |Demonstrates academic language. | | |
|Sentence Fluency |Natural, fluent sound; it glides along with one sentence flowing | | |
| |into the next. | | |
| |Variation in sentence structure, length, and beginnings that add | | |
| |interest to the text. | | |
| |Control over sentence structure; fragments, if used at all, work | | |
| |well. | | |
|Conventions |Correct spelling, grammar/usage, punctuation, and capitalization. | | |
| |Internal punctuation is accurate. | | |
| |Use of varied punctuation. | | |
|TOTAL POINTS for Part I: ...

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