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Anna's A Hit And Miss Essay

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Anna's: A Hit and Miss

If you travel east down Pembroke Avenue in Hampton, Virginia you will run into what seems to be a small, family owned and operated Italian restaurant that goes by the name of Anna's. Anna's is one of nine businesses that sit in the very right hand corner of the once busy strip mall. Although Anna's is rough and unappealing on the outside, the locals say they feel like family when they are on the inside. I decided to go with my family and discover why they say Anna's is so great, but I soon found that it was just another mediocre Italian restaurant.
Before walking in, I didn’t expect much due to the way the outside of the business presented itself. I was assuming ...view middle of the document...

With everyone's eyes on us, we awkwardly took seats in a darkened corner too hopefully get everyone's attention off of us. That is one experience I never want to go through ever again.
While being seated, I reviewed the menu and it was about the same as any other Italian restaurant: pasta, pizza, salads, and the occasional sub. Although Anna’s had a lot to choose from, the prices were relatively fair compared to other Italian restaurants such as Olive Garden. Anna’s had various appetizers that ranged from meatballs with marinara sauce to garlic bread sticks. I ordered mozzarella sticks as my appetizer and the Italian sub for my entree because that is said to be the local favorite. The locals didn't disappoint. The mozzarella sticks were cooked to perfection and my sub which was loaded with ham, salami, and pepperoni was prepared just the way I liked it. My family ordered the house specialty, the Anna's Combination. This included a cheese pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, mushrooms, and even onions. They were thrilled with how delicious it tasted and insisted that we bought another one to take home with us. The food at Anna's was very well prepared and was nothing short of great!
Even though the food was superb, Anna's lacks in the service...

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