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Anne Frank "Child Of The Holocaust

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Through the eyes of one adolescent girl, this book depicts the feelings of many Jewish people whose lives were forever changed by the Nazi Invasion in the 1940’s during World War II. The Holocaust was an atrocious time in Europe when approximately 6 million Jews were tortured, beaten and murdered as a result of their religion. During this era, the Jewish people were taken to concentration camps and were gassed or burnt to death. For many people, Anne Frank became a symbol of those six million Jewish men, women and especially the children who were murdered by the Nazis as these tragic events unfolded. It is almost impossible to comprehend this ...view middle of the document...

During World War I (1914-18) Otto and his two brothers served in the army as did millions of other German citizens in which he rose to the rank of lieutenant. When the war ended, he left the army and went to work for his father's banking firm. Otto married Edith Hollander in 1925 and within a year later they had their first child Margot Betti (Anne‘s sister). Their second daughter Annelies Marie (Anne, for short) was born on 19 June 1929. In 1933, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party came into power in Germany. As soon as the Nazis were in power they began to treat Jews like enemies. Many Jews decided to leave Germany before they lost more than their jobs. Otto Frank was fortunate to still have a job and a nice house in a bright, modern suburb. Even so, he decided to leave his job, his home and his country, to take Edith and the two girls to live in Holland. Otto believed his family would be safe in Holland as they took no part in fighting during World War I. In April 1940 Germany invaded Denmark and Norway. A month later Germany attacked France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland. With the Nazis making life unbearable for the Jewish in Holland, Otto Frank decided to go into hiding with his family. He prepared a hiding place in the upstairs rooms of the Prinsengracht building. Margots order to report to a labour camp hastened their move to the "secret annex" in July 1942.
The Frank's "Secret Annex" consisted of just 6 rooms. For two years this was not just to be their home but their whole world for no less than eight people - Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Margot and Anne, Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan and their son Peter, and Mr. Dussel, a dentist who joined them in November 1942. It was here when Anne started writing in her diary about her life in the annex.
Although Anne was hidden away from the daily world, the radio kept her in contact with events, and her own powerful sympathetic imagination allowed her to understand the sufferings of her fellow Jews in Europe. Life in the annex settled down to a monotonous routine. They woke at 0645 and they all used the bathroom. By 0830 they all had to be quiet as work began in the warehouse beneath them. Breakfast was served at 0900 and this was normally eaten in the Van Daan's room, on the top floor, where they would least likely be heard. After breakfast, all movement was kept to an absolute minimum until 1230 when the warehouse closed for lunch. At this time, the inhabitants of the annex had lunch and listened to the radio. At 1400 the warehouse reopened and there was silence once again. Between 1400 and 1730, time was spent resting or reading. When the warehouse closed at 1730, everyone could move around again and the evening meal was prepared and served. At 2100 preparations were made to go to bed. The routine varied on weekends with no welcomed visitors from downstairs and even more need to keep quiet to avoid attracting the slightest attention to what supposed to be an empty building. They...

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