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Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Annotated Bibliography
You Have Been Caught, What Now?

The police have arrived and there is nowhere to run. Even if one did, they know a crime was committed and who has done it. Where does one go from here and what is going to happen? This will give the resources to follow the procedural justice process from beginning to end under normal and under unusual procedures. Regardless of the verdict there will be options along the way that may result in different outcomes throughout the process and some are unexpected. It all depends on the individual and how each case is handled by the police, the prosecutors, and the judges. Perhaps this will shed some light on the procedural ...view middle of the document...

Here are some things that also happen when things go wrong and the power of those we trust are abused.

Blackwell, B. S., & Cunningham, C. D. (2004). Taking the punishment out of the process: From substantive criminal justice through procedural justice to restorative justice. Law and Contemporary Problems, 67(4), 59-86. Retrieved from
“When Justice is a Crime”, tells of victims of misdemeanor traffic violations sitting in jail for days longer than the maximum sentence for such a crime. These are offenses such as “Pedestrian Obstructing Traffic”, “Pedestrian in Road”, (jaywalking) and “Pedestrian Soliciting a Ride”, (hitchhiking). The newspaper reported that both the Chief Judge of Atlanta’s Traffic Court and the chief prosecutor “agreed that none of the inmates should’ve been held for more than forty-eight hours without a probable cause hearing” and that both “were aware of the problems.” “It is clear that these persons jailed for minor traffic violations received punishment far in excess of what they should have received even if they were found guilty as charged.” (Blackwell & Cunningham, 2004) The authors, Brenda Blackwell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at Georgia State University and Cunnigham is a Professor of Law at W. Lee Burge College of Law at Georgia State University. I selected this article to show that not only do prosecutors and police have the ability to abuse their power and do so at will as in the Chris Dorner case, the judges do it too.

Karimi, F. and Curnow, R. (2013, February 16). Few details, plenty of questions as Pistorius disputes murder charge. Retrieved from questions/index.html?hpt=hp_inthenews.
On the day that thousands of women gathered to stop violence against women and a few weeks after he set the world record in the 400 meters in the 2012 Paralympics, (Blade Runner), Oscar Pistorius shoots and kills his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day. According to the authors he claims he thought she was an intruder even though he shoots her through the bathroom door. The article shows the criminal justice process Oscar Pistorius went through up until the current date as well as his accomplishments. Prosecutors are going to charge him with premeditated murder. (Karimi and Curnow 2013) I chose this article to support my final paper because this case has an accused man with many, “out of the ordinary” accomplishments in his past due to his physical disabilities...

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