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Another San Francisco Detective Novel Essay

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Bang. Crash. The purity of the nighttime silence has been broken. A struggle ensues. One gets the gun and stands above the other. “Where is it?” he demands hostilely. The subdued man points a shaking, bony finger at the cupboard above his head. After a quick rummaging, the man with the gun finds what he is looking for. A grin forms on his face, barely illuminated by the dim streetlights outside.
“Now I can finally get that cabana in Cuba and live happily ever after.”
“Over my dead body!”
“Precisely.” Bang.
2 o’clock in the morning. The streets of San Francisco have faded into lifelessness, still, unchanging. Unless you’re a shady character or working a night shift, you’re asleep in ...view middle of the document...

If you saw her walking down the street, you would most certainly remark instead about her astounding height, she measured in at about six feet ten inches tall. She needed to duck every time she entered Diamond’s office so as to not hit her head on the ceiling. Despite the colossal height difference between Dan and Ellie, they always seemed to see eye to eye on matters of business.
“Take my calls while I’m out Ellie,” Diamond quipped as he put on his trench coat. In a matter of seconds he was out the door, moving incomprehensibly quickly for someone of his dimensions. Diamond drove his brand new Ford Model T over to the scene in a matter of minutes, navigating the darkened streets like a monkey navigates the vines of the jungle. When he arrived at the scene right outside the Chinatown district he was shocked by what he saw. A woman was hanging from the doorpost of one of the shops, with a noose around her neck. Diamond approached the body to take a closer look. The victim appeared to be a white female in her early 30’s, brown hair, brown eyes, about 5 feet tall. Diamond then proceeded to examine the body for any clues. He found multiple bruises scattered throughout her body, evidence that a struggle took place. She was also missing two of her incisors.
Before he could finish his examination a hand tapped Diamond on the shoulder. He turned around and saw himself staring into the face of Lt. Daniel Gumby, one of the most formidable officers on the force. Whether it was on account of his tall burly exterior or his tough as nails attitude this man commanded a lot of respect throughout the city. “I’m sorry to tell you this...

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