"Anthem" By Ayn Rand And If It Compares At All To The Cold War

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A young man lives in a place where the word "I" does not have meaning. It is a society where there are no individuals. It is, however, a place where you need to serve your brothers. Equality 7-2521 was taught from birth that the individual is not important. He is in a crazed society where the only form of government is collectivism.This here is a very good comparison to the cold war. It symbolizes how every country had to just follow orders from the bigger more powerful countries. The countries in this book are represented by the people.Equality, at age 21, has absolutely no freedom. He is a strong, tall young man who stands about six feet. However, in this society, anyone who is six feet ...view middle of the document...

Equality later realizes that he has committed sins as he was growing up. He thinks by showing his invention to the House of Scholars that he would be forgiven for those sins. He hopes to show his invention to society and find a way into the House of the Scholars. He also wants to prove that being tall does not make you an evil individual. He feels that he has sinned because he was sent to the Palace of Corrective Detention when he did not reveal where he has been. He wishes to be forgiven for being sent there. Even though entering the tunnel is against the law, he feels that he is going to discover things that would improve the society that he is living in. Equality tries to get the House of Scholars to accept him for the last time.This part in the book symbolizes the ideas of commoners and how hard it was to get their ideas across a communistic country during the cold war. The author is trying to state that if the country is democratic it would be a much more advanced.Gaea becomes pregnant and they both decide...

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