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Anthem By George Orwell: Insecurity And Determination

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Whitney Barber
Insecurity and Determination.

Desperate to be different, and daring to stand forward. Living in a world selfless, worthless, and mindless. Those two things don’t mix. For Equality 7-2521 he had doubts about the distant world he was living in. He was hopeful and believed that there was more. For these thoughts and hopes he was marked for sin by the blind people of his world. Equality 7-2521 struggled with society because he desired individuality, knowledge, and a voice.
From as early as the home of students Equality knew he was unique, a forbidden law. He found himself guilty of preference and he was much taller than any other “brothers.” In this world no one was allowed to be their own person. They ...view middle of the document...

As a result of Equality’s growing individuality he began to hunger for hidden knowledge. After the treacherous discovery of the tunnel from the “unmentionable times” Equality knew of the evil he had uncovered. He returned to the secret tunnel and made many small discoveries. After countless days and nights spent in the tunnel he studied and unveiled unknown secrets. “And in these two years we have learned more than we had learned in the ten years of the Home of Students.” (p.36) Knowing these secrets made Equality realize how deprived of knowledge his present society truly was.
The discovery of forbidden truth fed Equality 7-2521”s hunger fro a voice. His perspective changed. he no longer was content to sit back and hide his knew found knowledge and individuality. Following his new convictions he found the courage to voice his mind. “Then we knew what we must do. Our discovery is too great for us to waste our time in sweeping the streets. We must not keep our secrets to ourselves, not buried under the ground. We must bring it into the sight of men.” (p.60) Even though Equality knew of the risks involved in confessing his actions, he choose to voice his discovery to the World Council.
“To be free, a man must be free of his brothers. That is freedom. This and nothing else.” (p.10) Equality 7-2521 wasn’t just seeking hidden secrets, he wanted freedom. All those obstacles just helped him realize what he wanted. Throughout this book he developed in many ways. He started out as an unsure, doubtful, and confused. Those small insecurities and doubts took his mind through a journey to find freedom. Freedom from secrets, selflessness, collectivism, and ultimately society. Equality 7-2521 struggled with society because he desired individuality, knowledge, and a voice.

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