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Anti Trust Laws Essay

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The goal of the game monopoly was to buy as much property as possible to make the most money as possible hence the name monopoly. By owning the most property, one is the most likely player to win because he or she in theory collects the most money. In business, this is illegal and antitrust laws are what mandates and controls corporate America’s ability to create monopolies. This attempts to keep a fair playing field among competitors in similar businesses (Ftc Guide To Antitrust Laws, 2008). With the current health care debate issues concerning anti trust laws are also an issue for concern.
A major facet of President Obama’s health care reform is for those within the health care community ...view middle of the document...

If medicine becomes a numbers game only then what motivates people who research and develop technology for the joy of helping people or the accolades of his or her peers. Federal and state laws help to mandate all areas of health care not only for the people but also for the industry as well. President Obama’s health care bill is being torn apart for the idea of trying to keep the market in terms of cost comparable and detractors are hiding behind anti trust laws as a way to discredit the president’s health care reform bill ("The Affordable Health Care Act", 2012). President Clinton faced the same adversity when trying to regulate the cost of prescription medicine in 1993. The rejection of Clinton’s proposal by the justice department stated, “setting maximum prices were just as illegal as agreements that set minimum ones” (Pear, 2006).
In 1890, the Sherman Anti-trust Act was enacted with the goal of prohibiting companies from forming monopolies. In 1914, the institution of the Federal Trade Commission Act was to assist consumers and protect them from unfair business practices (Jost, 2009). Both of these acts recognize a need for the consumer to have at least some level of protection from big business but in the case of Obama’s plans within the health care act, the goal is create an environment in which health care organizations of all level can work together to offer affordable services. The reality is President Obama is trying to find various ways that members of the healthcare community can work together to contain cost (.Dolfsma, & McMaster, 2011)
The focus when regulating health care is more likely to be about health care issues. Concepts such as making sure a facility operates in a certain manner to protect the patient from a health perspective. However, whereas many have complained about the price of health care service outside of basic anti trust laws nothing is really in place to stop medical professionals from charging what they want to for whatever services they provide.
At some point, something has to take place about the growing number of uninsured Americans. Obama is attempting to rectify the...

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