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Antigone Essay

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The character must decide whether or not to allow the employee’s cousin to work in their restaurant. The cousin must provide for his family through the cold winter or they will become homeless. The character also knows that the law requires him to check the citizenship of all employees and forbids him to hire anyone who is in the country illegally.
In this situation, Antigone’s Creon would definitely not allow the relative to work in his restaurant. He is very strong to his values of the law. Creon tries to have Antigone expelled, but she refuses to listen to and keeps defying him and his power and rule. Creon acts as the President or Governor and he is in charge of making laws that ...view middle of the document...

This shows us that his moral choices do not matter to him unless they would directly impact his political view. Creon thinks that the rights of god do not matter and that his people need to only follow his laws.
Antigone would allow the cousin to work at the restaurant, however she would try to make it seem as legal as possible. She is going to try to sneak the cousin in and out every day, even if means her life or her job. Her strong morals in God would guide her down the path of helping the illegal alien in every way she could.
“ Antigone: I knew I must die, even without your decree:
I am only mortal. And if I must die
Now, before it is my time to die,
Surely this is no hardship: can anyone
Living, as I live, with evil all about me,
Think Death less than a friend? This death of mine
Is of no importance; but if I had left my brother
Lying in death unburied, I should have suffered.
Now I do not.” (Page 208)

This example shows how Antigone thinks that her death has no importance to her or anybody else other than Creon. Antigone thinks that her act of burying her brother is morally correct. This same attitude applies to her current situation because, Antigone has to decide whether or not to allow her employee’s illegal cousin work at her restaurant. Since Antigone has the possibility to lose her job or even get into trouble with the law enforcement, she contemplates her options. But she still goes out with the more morally correct outcome, which would be shown by the employees cousin being safe through the harsh winter.
Isemene would have a very difficult decision to make here, she would like to be a reverent law follower and not let the illegal alien work at their restaurant because Ismene would be too afraid of being caught by the law.
“Ismene: The law is strong, we must give in to the law
In this thing, and in worse. I beg the Dead
To forgive me, but I am helpless: I must yield
To those in authority. And I think it is dangerous business
To be always meddling.” (Page 192)

“Ismene: Yes, if she will let me say so. I am guilty.
Antigone:No, Ismene. You have no right to say so.
You would not help me, and I will not have you help me.
Ismene: But now I know what you meant; and I am here
To join you, to take my share of punishment.
Antigone: The dead man and the gods who rule the dead
Know whose act this was. Words are not friends.” (Page 212)

Antigone changes her structured ways and changes her mind about defying Creon. Ismene reallys changes the most after she finds out about the death of her sister. Like her sister, Ismene seems to value family ties and the laws of the gods over the laws of man. Ismene then declared she had aided Antigone and wanted the same fate, though she did not participate in the crime. “But now I know what you meant; and I am here To join you, to take my share of punishment…..But we are equally guilty!”
Haemon would allow the cousin to work at the restaurant, because he believes in many of the same...

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